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The Sony DSC-U20 higher resolution and compact design in a personal camera concept

The Sony DSC-U20 higher resolution and compact design in a personal camera concept - digital camera and photography news


Berlin, 23 September 2002 – Hot on the heels of its new digital still photography concept launch, Sony Europe has today announced the introduction of a new model within its Cyber-shot U Series. Reinforcing this completely new lifestyle concept, the DSC-U20 offers higher image resolution and a wider number of colour-coded design schemes for the fashion-conscious digital photographer. The core concepts of quality, style and affordability remain at the heart of this small and powerful Cyber-shot digital camera.
"Cyber-shot U is your personal camera. It goes everywhere with you and lets you capture those moments that make life worth living," explains Akihiro Nishikawa, Director at Sony Digital Imaging Europe. "Cyber-shot U is a powerful blend of technology and style. The DSC-U20 builds on these two concepts, offering higher image resolution and more design options in the same attractive, fun and compact body."

The DSC-U20 integrates a 2.0 Megapixel progressive scan Super HAD CCD, which when combined with Sony's advanced digital signal processing, offers stunning image quality from such a highly compact camera. This kind of resolution will help you make great prints and project the right image – in the club, at the party, or even out on the town with your friends.

The camera comes supplied with 2 NiMH AAA rechargeable batteries so it works right out of the box. By switching the lens cover of the DSC-U20 you can get started in less than one second. With Auto focus and a 10cm Auto Macro, VGA Burst multiple shot sequences, Scene selection and even an MPEG movie option, shooting great pictures as they happen, when they happen has never been so easy. Immediately after shooting, you can review the images on the camera's built-in LCD screen, save them to the Memory Stick or transfer them to your PC via the USB interface. The easy to use Image Transfer software will automatically upload your pictures to your PC.

Bundled Image Mixer software transforms your PC into your personal ‘memory bank' image archive. You can build your own photo collection, store them for as long as you want and send them to friends and family via email.

Pocket life with DSC-U20
With Cyber-shot U, Sony envisages users taking their digital camera everywhere. To do so, it must look just right. Significantly smaller and lighter than the Cyber-shot P Series, the DSC-U20 weighs under 90g and fits into a small pocket. It comes with its own neck strap and has the look and feel of designer fashion wear. Initially available in diamond silver and sapphire blue*, this elegant and stylish personal accessory attracts attention for all the right reasons.

*Availability restricted in some countries.

The DSC-U20 will be available throughout Europe from mid December 2002.
September 23, 2002
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