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Travel light and in style with the new Sony VAIO TZ-Series

Sony expands its TZ-Series with new models featuring carbon fibre construction for super-lightweight durability and ultra-stylish full flat design. An astonishingly small Motion Eye webcam is artfully concealed in the screen, and considering that the lid is a mere 4mm thick the miniaturization of the camera is all the more impressive. The 11.1-inch WXGA (1366 x 768) LCD panel boasts exceptional color accuracy and photos, personal video and films appear lifelike and convincing compared to conventional displays...


Travel light and in style with the new Sony VAIO TZ-Series - digital camera and photography news29 May 2007 - Created for people who always choose the best, the VAIO TZ-Series offers a potent fusion of portability and performance with exceptional design.

“This is where high technology meets the luxury market,” says Jun Koyama, Marketing Director for Sony VAIO of Europe (VOE). “We've used cutting-edge materials technology, the latest platform and the highest design values not just to meet but to exceed the expectations of our most demanding customers.”

Customer feedback from existing TX-Series owners1 is clear: 60% use their ultra-portables on the move. 74% say that a balance between size and weight is ‘very important'. Issues such as size, weight and durability are vital. This is why both the screen housing and the base of the chassis are constructed using carbon fibre re-enforcement technology more familiar in the world of Formula One racing. This ensures complete durability while keeping the weight down to a remarkable 1.19kg for absolute portability. To complete the picture, even the AC adaptor is miniaturised, occupying a volume of just 120cc and adding negligibly to the carrying weight.

Unsurprisingly, almost 70% of customers rate design as important, and it plays a central part in defining the VAIO TZ-Series' appeal. The visually arresting ‘Full Flat' design is a masterpiece of stylish minimalism which ensures that the VAIO TZ always gets noticed. Every detail is carefully considered, right down to the aesthetic of the keyboard, inspired by the submerged stones of a Japanese water garden.

An astonishingly small Motion Eye webcam is artfully concealed in the screen surround. When you consider that the lid is a mere 4mm thick – itself a remarkable feat of engineering – the miniaturisation of the camera is all the more impressive.

Unlike standard Wide XGA panels, the TZ-Series' 11.1-inch WXGA (1366 x 768) screen has a true 16:9 aspect ratio which makes it ideal for watching films. The display offers the boosted contrast and vibrant colours that are the hallmarks of Sony X-black LCD technology, plus power-saving LED illumination that helps extend battery life. The next-generation panel also boasts exceptional colour accuracy of 72%. This means photos, personal video and films literally appear more lifelike and convincing compared to conventional displays. Such attention to screen quality is driven by the knowledge that people rightly regard it as important - 72% of customers said so.

Despite its highly compact, unusually slim case, the TZ-Series has a wealth of features. It's powered by the very latest Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Ultra-Low Voltage CPU backed by 2GB DDR2 SDRAM and hard disk options go all the way up to 100GB – the largest available size for the tiny 1.8-inch drives required by the super-compact form factor. This precision use of space ensures that there's even room for an integrated DVD±R/RW RAM optical drive featuring Double Layer (DL) technology for massive capacity.

After web browsing and email, customers reported that their second most popular activity is watching DVDs. With this in mind VAIO engineers added two special features to the TZ-Series. You can enjoy films and music easily any time thanks to Instant On, which lets you play DVDs and audio CDs without booting into Windows. A set of dedicated AV buttons provides the necessary play control.

Security is vital for peace of mind, so the TZ-Series employs an ironclad combination of fingerprint recognition and Trusted™ Platform Module (TPM) hardware encryption to keep your personal data absolutely safe. Should you accidentally drop the machine, Sony G-Sensor Hard Disk Shock Protection automatically parks the drive heads to prevent damage to the disk.

1) Figures quoted are from a sample of 5,000 VAIO TX-Series owners. The TX-Series ultra-portable is sufficiently similar to the TZ-Series to provide a good source of relevant customer opinion.
May 29, 2007
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