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Service notice on Sony DSC-T20 digital camera

Sony has released a service notice for the DSC-T20 digital camera. In certain units (serial numbers on Sony's support site), the lens cannot adjust properly due to a mechanical failure in the lens mechanism. When the automatic features of the camera attempt to adjust the lens, the camera body vibrates, preventing it from properly focusing or taking pictures. Please note that the symptom only occurs while the camera is powered on, and that the vibration is similar to that of a mobile phone set to silent mode...
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Sony has recently discovered an issue with the Digital Still Camera “Cyber-shot” DSC-T20.

Sony will offer a free out of warranty repair to solve the issue. Please contact the nearest Sony Service Centre.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and your kind understanding and cooperation would be much appreciated.

Symptom and cause
Pictures cannot be taken because of shaking of the camera body. This is due to a mechanical problem with the lens.

Applicable model
The problem described above applies to models with serial numbers in the following range.

US - Applicable serial numbers
Pink or Silver cameras with serial numbers between 500001 and 525350

EU - Applicable serial numbers
DSC-T20/B 1455101-1466400
DSC-T20/B 1450001-1477900
DSC-T20/B 1455601-1455800
DSC-T20/B 1455401-1465100
DSC-T20/P 1453701-1453900
DSC-T20/P 1452701-1459500
DSC-T20/P 1453501-1453700
DSC-T20/P 1454901-1455100
DSC-T20/S 1454101-1482390
DSC-T20/S 1453901-1479100
DSC-T20/S 1454301-1463900
DSC-T20/W 1453301-1467100
DSC-T20/W 1452901-1456000
DSC-T20/W 1455801-1459800

Additional information: Check-out the Sony DSC-T20 specifications & reviews
July 17, 2008
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