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Onyx-black LCD technology brings vibrancy to Sony's new Premium display

Onyx-black LCD technology brings vibrancy to Sony’s new Premium display - digital camera and photography news


A Colourful Future: The Sony SDM-HS73P

Onyx-black LCD technology brings vibrancy to Sony's new Premium display

Brussels, 2 January 2004 – Announcing the launch of Sony's SDM-HS73P LCD monitor, Kiyoshi Ichikawa, Product Marketing, Displays comments: 'The SDM-HS73P is an enhanced display for people who do more with their PCs. Tasks like working with digital stills require rigorously faithful reproduction of the original image, and the SDM-HS73P is specifically designed to meet this sort of challenge. It delivers vibrant, lifelike colour, and increased brightness and contrast relative to ordinary LCDs. As icing on the cake, you also get a stand-out overall design that neatly balances elegance and practicality.'
At the heart of what makes the new monitor different is the carefully engineered combination of glare and reflection reduction that lies behind Sony's Onyx-black screen technology. Crucially, Onyx-black screens avoid the washed-out effect that can result from conventional anti-reflection treatments.

The 17-inch Onyx-black LCD's boosted brightness and contrast bring out the best in any image. The vivid colours and deep blacks are particularly effective for viewing and editing digital photographs, but the added depth and vibrancy are a bonus whatever you are looking at.

DVD and games enthusiasts will welcome the SDM-HS73P's fast 16ms response time, which ensures that the image remains clear and sharp even at the height of the action.

The new monitor's visual appeal extends beyond the borders of the screen thanks to its eye-catching design. The cabinet appears to float effortlessly above the unique arc-shaped pedestal, and the two-tone metallic/matte silver finish will harmonize with almost any setting. The distinctive look of the SDM-HS73P is also the perfect complement to Sony's VAIO desktop PCs and VAIO notebooks.


Onyx-black explained
Conventional LCD screens are usually coated at the front with a light-diffusing layer intended to reduce reflection from the surface. There are several drawbacks to this approach, caused by the unwanted side-effect of light from the LCD itself being scattered and diffused as it passes through the anti-reflection coating. This scattering effect causes black areas of the image to appear washed out, and lighter in tone than they should. It has a similar effect on colours, which lose their depth and vibrancy. Therefore, by using a glare filter with a smooth surface there is no colour scattering and vivid colours are kept.

Onyx-black LCD panels use a reflection-reduction layer that has no diffusing effect on the light passing through it from the screen, and therefore no negative impact on image quality. Not only do colours appear considerably more vivid and blacks more truly black, but the overall level of brightness is also enhanced. The HS73P achieves a brightness rating of 400 cd/m², nearly double that of the original HS73 model.

Completing the picture
The SDM-HS73P's screen features a 17 inch diagonal, providing an ideal balance between physical size and viewable area. Its native resolution of 1280 x 1024 ensures that there's plenty of Windows Desktop on offer and ample space for open applications.

The size of the viewing angle can be as important as the actual screen resolution, which is why the SDM-HS73P's Onyx-black screen is designed to stay looking crisp through a full 160 degrees in both planes.

Finally, to make life simpler for people who do more with their PCs, there's SDM-HS73P's Eco-Mode control. This gives instant access to preset and user-defined brightness settings, allowing rapid selection of the most comfortable level for any viewing activity.
Environment, Service and Support
Sony is committed to the development of environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes. Sony displays are produced in facilities certified according to the ISO 14001 Standard for Environmental Management Systems. This ensures that they are easier to recycle, consume less energy, and are built from materials with the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Additionally, all Sony LCDs comply with ISO 13406-2, the international standard that covers many issues central to LCD technology and manufacture. These include important quality definitions limiting acceptable levels of pixel failure in the finished product.

The SDM-HS73P model has a three-year European warranty. For further information please contact your local Sony office or Sony Communication Display Systems Europe on the Internet at where you can always find the very latest information available.
January 2, 2004
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