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Sony Ericsson W800i Walkman Phone searches for the world's favourite music

In the Baden-Powell age, the previous century, the ultimate "Wannahave" was a tool that had it all: the Swiss Knife. Now, fifty years later, Sony Ericsson introduces the modern version of the Swiss Knife, the Walkman Phone. The new W800i Walkman Phone (more models to follow later) combines a high quality MP3 player, a 2 megapixel digital camera and, of course, an excellent mobile phone...


www.walkmanphones100.comW800i Walkman Phone

Friday August 12th 2005 Set As Official W800i Walkman Phone Launch Day

The eagerly awaited W800i Walkman Phone will go on sale on Friday 12 August, Sony Ericsson announced today.
The W800i, the first mobile phone device from Sony Ericsson to bear the famous Walkman logo will make its international debut throughout all usual high street retail outlets.

Sony Ericsson expects the Walkman Phone to be an instant hit with consumers, combining music and a 2-megapixel camera in one neat package.

To mark the occasion, the company has teamed up with music legend Jamiroquai to sponsor his worldwide tour - including a private concert in London on the eve of the Walkman Launch. On launch day, Jamiroquai will also be on hand to at The Carphone Warehouse flagship store at 272-274 Oxford Street in London to help sell the first few phones- and to sign copies of his new album Dynamite.

“The collaboration with Jamiroquai reflects the importance of music to the Walkman's future customers,” said Peter Marsden, Sony Ericsson Managing Director UK & Ireland.

“There is a whole generation of music lovers who want music wherever they go, but don't want to carry a separate player. The Walkman phone combines a high quality MP3 player, a fantastic camera and an excellent mobile phone.”

Other activity planned for the Walkman launch includes putting the phone at the heart of the music mecca of Ibiza. Sony Ericsson has partnered with Manumission to present ‘Ibiza Rocks, a weekly live music series in Ibiza fusing dance and rock music. The event launches at the end of July and runs through to September.

And taking the product to the streets in the UK, Sony Ericsson will tour the B Boys Breakdance Crew around nine major cities including London, Manchester and Brighton from the 12th August, through to September 2005.

More information: Sony Ericsson W800i Walkman Phone overview

World First ~ The Walkman™ phones 100 - Sony Ericsson announces first global search for the world's favourite music

London - Do you love driving to the Rolling Stones or dancing to Madonna? Sony Ericsson is compiling ‘The Walkman phones 100' - the first soundtrack of the world's favourite songs of all time, to coincide with the launch of its new family of Walkman phones.

Whether it was the song playing at the time of your first kiss or the first song you ever bought, music lovers from across the globe will be invited to log onto to register their top three tracks of all time and the reasons why these songs make up the soundtrack to their life. Immediately, fans will then see where their songs are placed in the overall poll, and whether or not their favourites have yet reached the top 100.

The site, powered by Lycos, goes live from 12th August for six weeks. Having registered their three songs, voters will also have the chance to win the ultimate collectable item for any serious music lover; one of the new Walkman phones complete with the world's 100 favourite songs, as voted for by music fans worldwide on . Furthermore, Sony Ericsson will be giving lucky runners-up a member of its new family of Walkman phones, which includes the hotly awaited debut Walkman phone, the W800*. The results of ‘The Walkman phones 100' global vote will be released worldwide on the 28th September 2005.

Miles Flint, President of Sony Ericsson, commented: “We are incredibly excited to be introducing the first Walkman mobile phone to the market. The Sony Ericsson W800 is the first of a family of Walkman phones which are designed to bring a complete music proposition to the consumer. To mark this occasion we are now launching The Walkman Phones 100. Now consumers worldwide can vote for their favourite music and help compile the first ever poll of the worlds top 100 songs.”

“The Walkman phone allows you to store around 125 tracks and so listen to your own soundtrack to your life, wherever you are, whenever you want while staying in touch with your world. We are confident that this search for the global soundtrack of 100 songs will produce a number of surprising entries; what may well be a popular choice for people in Latin America, will be completely different for people in Australia. The results should give a fascinating insight into the type of music people from all corners of the globe associate with their lives while at the same time reaffirming the universal enjoyment all the people of the world share when listening to their favourite tunes.”

* The Sony Ericsson Walkman phone W800 is shipped with a 0.5 GB Memory Stick PRO duo™: capacity for around 125 tracks, or 10 – 12 full length CDs (MP3 files at 128 kilobits/second), which can be expanded up to 2GB. The W800 comes with quality stereo headphones and gives 30 hours of battery life in music mode (i.e. non-phone mode) or 15 hours of battery life if the phone is also being used to receive calls. Complete with a two megapixel, auto-focus camera with picture light and digital still camera interface, the Walkman phone weighs less than a 100g and can be connected to a stereo hi-fi or car stereo speakers so music can be shared with friends.

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August 2, 2005
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