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SiPix seems to terminate its digital camera business

SiPix seems to terminate its digital camera business - digital camera and photography newsLast week, the USA SiPix site "" has undergone a major change. SiPix has been very active in the small and budget digital camera market in the recent years and this change could indicate a possible withdraw from this growing market. The larger part of the new website deals with support for current SiPix digital camera and is referred to as the "SiPix HelpCenter". The regular product, press and news sections are removed and the HelpCenter banner on top of the homepage is named "final_banner"… ...

The other website which carries the SiPix name and logo,, reveals that the SiPix Group has successfully developed extraordinarily high performance, paper-like Electrophoretic Displays (EPDs) and will soon start the mass production of the so-called e-Paper or Digital Paper in its world-first 14” roll-to-roll production line. As of today, SiPix has more than 75 US patents pending for the proprietary EPD technologies and most of the key patents have recently been allowed.

The world-class technologies in fact enable the format flexible, roll-to-roll manufacturing of high quality, low power consumption, ultra thin, ultra flexible, and ultra light displays at extremely low cost and high yield. With the superior quality and cost structure, SiPix EPDs are expected to make a major impact on the huge, fast-growing display industry and speed up or enable the development of many new applications including big outdoor e-signs, e-bulletin boards, e-books and e-newspaper.
January 26, 2004
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