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Sinar announces the eMotion 75 LV (Live View)

Sinar further expands the line of Sinarback eMotion backs with the Sinarback eMotion 75 LV. This latest LV model provides a Live image Viewfinder as an additional feature. Sinar will also introduce the new eMotion 54 LV model. The LiveView option will not be available for the eMotion 22 digital back. For owners that do feel left out (and all others), an upgrade (hardware + firmware) is available to promote their eMotion 22 to an eMotion 54 LV model. For owners of an eMotion 75 an upgrade to the eMotion 75 LV will be available...


Visit the Sinar websiteExternally, only the type designation "75" hints at the power that is contained within. As you might expect, however, its internal features once again vigorously raise the standards for mobile high-end digital backs.
The Sinarback eMotion 75 LV thus provides continuous image sequences of up to 160 exposures. This is made possible by a unique memory of 6 GB that is incorporated into this back, which is ready to store fresh image data approximately every 1.5 seconds. As soon as the shutter release button is no longer activated, the images are transferred to an interchangeable CF card at a rate of more than 16 MB/s.

The sensitivity of the 6668 x 4992 pixel CCD can be set for a value between 50 and 400 ISO. That ensures that difficult lighting situations can also be mastered without problems. File sizes of up to 190 MB provide sufficient latitude for even the most demanding output formats, so that subsequent, unexpected assignments can be handled without complex reshootings. The desire and the objective of the photographer is to be able to handle as many different exposure situations and assignments as possible with a single digital back – regardless of whether it is to be used with a medium-format or a view camera. Only then does it become possible also to master the commercial aspect of an assignment with economic efficiency. With the Sinarback eMotion 75 LV, Sinar once again increases the flexibility and the performance capabilities of its systems for the professional.

The active and usable surface of the sensor is still 48 x 36 mm as it is in the Sinarback eMotion 54 LV or eMotion 22 (more than twice the size of the sensors used in 35 mm cameras). The pixel size is 7.2 microns, which is smaller than the pixel size in the eMotion 54 LV. The smaller pixel size leads to much better Moiré characteristics, while at the same time raising the performance capabilities of this back in advanced wide-angle and view camera applications. This is the compelling consideration that led Sinar to select this 33 million pixel sensor for the Sinarback eMotion 75 LV.

Pixel sizes that are even smaller would provide greater resolution, but this would be at the expense of image dynamics and speed. These criteria play an inc reasingly important role in virtually all other fields of object photography. In addition, only Sinar guarantees that the performance capabilities of the new generation of sensors can be applied to the optical-physical camera system for optimized digital image data without compromises.

Additional information: Visit the Sinar website
June 1, 2007
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