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Sigma releases DP1 firmware and Soft Case SC-11

Sigma releases firmware version 1.04 for the DP1 camera which adds following new functions:
• A customizing function has been added to the Digital Zoom button.
• A feet indicator has been added to the scale bar in MF mode.
Sigma also announces the new SC-11 soft case for the DP1. This SC-11 will store the DP1 whilst the hood adapter "HA-11" and view finder "VF-11" are attached to the camera. The Chloroprene Rubber material, which the SC-11 is made from, gives extra cushioning and protection for the DP1...
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Goto the Sigma DP1 firmware download page

In case you missed or did not apply the previous Sigma DP1 firmware update, you will get these improvements too:

[Version 1.03]

• ISO 50 has been added into the ISO setting.
• Grid Display mode shows Display Icons.
• Shorten the pre-flash time in the Red-eye reduction flash mode.

[Version 1.02]

• Correct the phenomenon that the "currently selected file" will be deleted, if the camera is turned off when the camera display remained in Delete Menu.

[Version 1.01]

• Corrects the phenomenon of intermittent camera freeze under certain conditions.
• The accuracy of the indication of the number of images that can be recorded with RAW format has been improved.
• The grid display mode for picture taking is added to the LCD monitor. (It cannot be used in MF mode and movie mode)

Additional information: Check-out the Sigma DP1 specifications & reviews
July 11, 2008
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