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Sharp develops ultra-thin camera module for camera phones

After Sharp's initial entry into the digital camera market in 2002 with the VE-CG30U, it became quiet. Not so in the digital camera components area where Sharp has been active as never before. Now they announce an ultra-thin camera module for use in mobile phones. The 2 Mp CMOS module measures 8.5 x 8.5 x 5.4 mm and would fit easily in units with a thickness of 10mm or even less. The complete module incorporates lens, image sensor and Digital Signal Processor. The device can record animated images at 15 fps in 1600x1200 mode...
Sharp develops ultra-thin camera module for camera phones - digital camera and photography newsSystem translated press release from the Japanse Sharp website,

Industry most selling class and optical size 1/4 type AF attaching 2,000,000 pixel CMOS camera module thin

Sharp, in for Mobile equipment such as portable telephone, in the automatic focusing functional equipped optical size 1/4 type 2,000,000 pixel, size of industry most is thin class (thickness: 5.0mm) The CMOS camera module which is actualized is developed, mass production shipment is started from 2007 July.

As for the domestic portable telephone, high function such as viewing function of [wansegu] broadcast is advanced in addition to improvement such as automatic focusing and high pixel conversion of the camera section, but needs to slim design, have increased with the compact which fits to the hand simultaneously.

This time, the CMOS camera module which was developed anew, in order to cope with such demand, industry most is thin the DSP tip/chip * 1 and the CMOS sensor tip/chip * by freely using the miniaturization and individual high density packaging technology of 1 chips and automatic focusing mechanism of 2, class (thickness: 5.0mm) It actualized. In addition, at UXGA size it corresponds to also animated picture photographing of 15 frames (15fps * 3) in 1 seconds.

Item name
1/4 type AF attaching 2,000,000 pixel CMOS camera modules

Shape name

Sample price (including tax)
5,000 Yen

Start of mass production shipment
2007 July

Monthly output quantity

Main merits

1. Size of industry most it is thin class (thickness: 5.0mm) It actualizes

At 2.UXGA size animated picture photographing of 15 frames (15fps) is possible in 1 seconds

* 1 DSP (Digital Signal Processor) tips/chips. The device element transaction of operation in order to do digital signal processing.

* 2 CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor: Metal oxide semiconductor) tip/chip. The individual image pickup element which was made with semiconductor.

* 3 fps (frame per second). It shows it indicates several pictures in 1 seconds.
June 8, 2007
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