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Sharp's new notebook Actius RD3D shows your images in 3D

Last month, Sharp has introduced world's first 3D Notebook, the Actius RD3D. The autostereo display is capable to deliver 3D images without the need for special glasses. The basic principle requires two images to be displayed on the screen and displayed in such a way that only the one eye sees the image that is intended for it. The Sharp Photo Editor allows you to view your digital photos in 3D. Simply take two shots such that the 2nd shot is moved slightly to one side of the 1st and SmartStereo Photo Editor will blend these two photographs to make them appear to pop out of the screen...
Visit Sharp3D.comClick the link below to read more about SHARP's new 3D technology:

Bill Howard's first look in PC Magazine


TGS Partners with DDD and SHARP to Bring 3D Visualization to the Notebook Environment

The amira® data visualization application from TGS run on a Sharp Actius RD3D notebook with DDD's TriDef™ Visualizer OpenGL® software allows users to view their data in 3D without the use of stereo glasses.
December 15, 2003 - San Diego, CA. – TGS is proud to announce a marketing agreement with DDD Group Plc. (“DDD”)and Sharp Systems of America (“Sharp”) that will position the amira® data visualization application as the premier 3D data visualization solution for users of Sharp's revolutionary new Actius RD3D notebook PC.
The combined solution of amira and TriDef Visualizer allows Actius RD3D customers with libraries of existing 3D visualization data sets to rapidly take advantage of the 3D display capabilities of the Sharp Actius RD3D.

amira is TGS's flagship 3D analysis and visualization application package offering the end-user innovative capabilities to easily and interactively analyze complex 3D data sets. Fast, reliable and easy to use, amira is the State-of-the-Art three-dimensional visualization software product offering unparalleled techniques for creating complex data visualization. Included in these techniques are direct volume rendering, iso-surfaces, innovative vector field visualization tools, image segmentation, surface reconstruction, surface simplification, and generation of tetrahedral grids. amira is the perfect tool for researchers working in confocal microscopy, biology, neuroscience, medical imaging, medical simulation, geosciences, oil & gas, FEM, CFD, and 3D data visualization. As with all TGS products, amira is cross-platform compatible and will run on Windows®, UNIX, IRIX, Solaris, Linux® and 64-bit Linux on the Itanium2™ platform.

"The partnership with DDD and Sharp has the potential to bring glasses-free 3D visualization to the masses," added Steve Lutz, VP of Sales/Marketing for TGS, "Allowing the scientist to immediately see his data in 3D in amira® on their Sharp Actius RD3D notebook is a tremendous step in making 3D visualization a common tool in any industry where data visualization is needed."

"Sharp is pleased to be working with TGS, as Sharp's 3D Display solution will bring a greater level of visualization to TGS's amira customers allowing faster understanding of complex medical imagery and faster diagnosis." said Ian Matthew, 3D Business Development Manager, Sharp Systems of America. "These advantages are also beneficial for other vertical market users of amira, and with portability offered by the Sharp Actius RD3D, users can now work better collaboratively"

"Using amira® on the new Sharp Actius RD3D notebook, DDD can offer support to a broad range of popular 3D visualization datasets that allows us to address a wide variety of prospective business applications and users," said Robert Mannino, VP Visualization Solutions for DDD, "and the Sharp Actius RD3D notebook delivers a mobile solution which has not been available before to users with 3D glasses."
The new Sharp Actius RD3D notebook is the world's first notebook computer that incorporates Sharp's TFT 3D LCD technology, which makes it possible to view eye-popping 3D images using the naked eye, but is easily switched back to 2D viewing for standard applications such as spreadsheets, photo editing or email. With uses ranging from CAD and other design applications, drug discovery, medical imaging, mapping/GIS, oil & gas, entertainment, advertising, broadcasting, electronic books and a vast array of other vertical markets, the Actius RD3D makes possible a range of new applications providing three-dimensional images with an enhanced level of visual ambience and detail.

About TGS
TGS, Inc. is the leading supplier of graphics tools and visualization expertise in oil and gas, scientific visualization, manufacturing, government, academic and research markets. The company has been in business for over 20 years and offers significant experience in graphics API's including Open Inventor, OpenGL®, PHIGS and GKS as well as application development based on these API's. TGS also markets and supports the visualization application "amira" allowing customers to visualize a variety of datasets. The company offers a variety of consulting services to assist its clients in developing/implementing custom visualization products and strategies. More information is available at

About DDD
DDD, also known as Dynamic Digital Depth, is transforming the viewing experience with applications for glasses-free 3D displays. Its patented technologies enable 3D viewing without glasses; simple integration of computer graphics applications with 3D displays; supply of 3D content through 2D to 3D conversion; and 3D transmission over existing networks. DDD is quoted on the London Stock Exchange's Alternative Investment Market (AIM: DDD). More information is available at

About Sharp Systems of America
Sharp Systems of America, a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation, markets, sells and supports LCD monitors and notebook computers. Products are available through Sharp's network of authorized dealers and resellers. More information on the Sharp Actius RD3D notebook can be found at

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January 11, 2004
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