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Waterproof Adventure Camera Captures the World's Colors

Waterproof Camera Captures the World's Colors

Just as the sun sets, dipping past the crystal blue waters of the ocean that was your host for the day, you playback all the spectacular scenes that came to life throughout the day's adventures.

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SeaLife DC800 Features and SpecificationsMOORESTOWN, N.J., April 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Just as the sun sets, dipping past the crystal blue waters of the ocean that was your host for the day, you playback all the spectacular scenes that came to life throughout the day's adventures. Mystical sea creatures and reefs full of vibrant life and color all captured on your SeaLife camera. SeaLife brings all the true colors of the water and the world to your photographs. Sleek, modern design meets high-tech functionality in SeaLife's new DC800 8-megapixel camera, producing ultra-clear images down to 200 feet underwater.

   The camera's ergonomic design, large shutter button and well-spaced buttons make the camera easy to handle and user-friendly. Versatility is key, as users can take striking photographs just about anywhere. You could feel confident to take your DC800 scuba diving or snorkeling with no fear that water will damage the camera. No matter where you travel, the DC800 can handle the environment.

   The DC800 functions just as effectively top-side as it does under water by easily removing the slim camera from its waterproof housing. The 8-megapixel camera includes a wide-angle optical lens with 4x optical zoom, auto focus up to 2 inches (5 cm) and features a video mode, allowing  users to capture high-resolution digital video with sound. The DC800 has virtually no shutter lag thanks to the fast shutter response time and quick-start for fast action photography.

   You can easily expand the DC800 with the popular SeaLife Digital Pro Flash accessory for optimal brightness and color, while preventing "backscatter" (those annoying spots that appear in underwater pictures).

   The DC800 features five unique underwater modes. The Sea mode exposure program has three UW color correction settings (Oceans Blue, Oceans Green, Rivers/Lakes) so the camera takes sharp colorful pictures, no matter what color water you're diving in. Two new external flash mode settings allow users more flexibility and creativity when taking photos with the SeaLife Digital Pro Flash accessory. External Flash Auto mode allows for automatic exposure settings set by the camera, while External Flash Manual mode allows manual adjustments in aperture and shutter speed exposure controls by the diver when using an external flash.

   SPY mode allows the camera to take continuous pictures at set time intervals so you capture the perfect shot of hard to photograph subjects. Select the desired time interval from 5 seconds to 5 minutes and push the shutter button. The camera will automatically take pictures until the memory card is full, you push the shutter button again or the camera runs out of power. Capture those impossible pictures when you can't get close enough to the subject. The SPY mode has endless applications limited only to your creativity.

   Guaranteed waterproof to a depth of 200 feet (60 meters), the camera measures only 3.5" x 5.5" x 3.4" (HxWxD) and weighs under 17 ounces in its housing, yet features a large 2.7-inch display screen, a 20X Mega Zoom (4X optical zoom plus 5X digital zoom), three underwater exposure modes (Sea, External Flash Auto, External Flash Manual) and 16 modes for use on land (auto, anti-shake, sports, sunrise, sunset, splashwater, flow-water, night, portrait, landscape, panorama, candlelight, text, fireworks and SPY). The camera's external polycarbonate shell is rubber armored for sure-grip handling through all conditions.

   "The DC800 gives users the ability to have more control and creativity over their images," said Joe Ifi, SeaLife's director of sales and marketing. "With its new features and upgrade in technology geared towards the SCUBA diver and underwater enthusiast, the DC800 is sure to add a new dimension of fun in and out of water."

   The SeaLife DC800 includes 32 MB of built-in memory, and an SD/SDHC Card can be added for up to 4 GB of memory. Included is a high capacity rechargeable lithium battery (1250mAh) that will power the camera for a two-tank dive and 200+ photographs. The camera comes complete with Media One and Cool 360SE software and USB cable connectivity.

   The SeaLife DC800 is available at dive and photo shops nationwide at a suggested list price of $549.95, and it is compatible with SeaLife's line of accessories.

   For more information on SeaLife Cameras, please contact us at Pioneer Research, 97 Foster Road, Suite 5, Moorestown, N.J. 08057. Tel. 1-800-257-7742. Or visit the SeaLife website at

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April 30, 2008
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