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Sanyo Xacti DMX-C5 - world's thinnest, smallest and lightest


Details on  the Sanyo Xacti C5 (sold outside Japan)Ergonomic style camera that takes beautiful movie and still pictures

Tokyo, March 1, 2005---SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., a world leader in digital camera manufacturing, introduces a new “Xacti” the DMX-C5, an ultra compact digital movie camera, that can easily fit inside a shirt or pant pocket. It incorporates MPEG-4 digital recording for high quality images and sound. Storage comes in the form of an SD Memory Card. While shooting moving images, users can also capture still images with a simple shutter press. The DMX-C5 achieves TV-quality VGA 30fps moving pictures and 5.0 mega pixel still images.

Please note the contents of this press release, is in regards to the model sold in Japan.
Will launch this product to various regions around the world but with a different name, model number, specifications, etc.  

Main Features

1. World's thinnest, smallest and lightest*1 digital movie camera  
2. New ergonomic style and unique design  
3. World first*2, 5.0 mega pixel still and video images captured simultaneously  

*1 Consumer use digital video camera category, with a mega pixel or higher image sensor and with an optical zoom lens, (as of 3/1/2005 SANYO Research).
*2  Consumer use digital cameras and digital video cameras (as of 3/1/2005 SANYO Research)


SANYO has gone forward since its first digital camera that takes moving pictures launch in 1998, in developing digital cameras with both moving and still picture capability. In Nov. 2003, SANYO launched the “Xacti” DMX-C1, an entirely new concept that combines the best of digital movies and cameras in one. The DMX-C1, received high marks because of its one hand, easy to carry ergonomic style and by utilizing the compression format MPEG-4, which enables long time shooting of high quality video. This new product, the DMX-C5, while following the previous models basic concept, has enhanced functions and refined its ease of use.  

Main Features

1. World's thinnest, smallest and lightest digital movie camera

In order to miniaturize the camera without reducing optical performance developed a zoom lens with high refraction glass and utilized high packaging density technology along with a high precision design. This new C5 is the world's thinnest (23mm),  smallest (124cc) and lightest (145g*3), among video cameras with a mega pixel or higher image sensor and with an optical zoom lens.

*3 Not including battery or SD card.

2.  New ergonomic style, unique design

This camera can easily be used, naturally with one hand with its ergonomic style. Its advanced cutting edge design,*4 makes it fashionable to carry. The DMX-C5 comes in three colors, silver, bronze and white, made the most of each color's attractiveness on each finished surface. The control panel is concentrated on the back of the movie camera, this makes operability simple, users can take and playback pictures, as well as control other function only by using the thumb.

*4 Not a continuation of a conventional product design but a brand new design concept.

3.  World first, 5.0 mega pixel still and video images captured simultaneously

Using SANYO's proprietary technology and with the development of a new high speed engine, can take 5.0 mega pixel still pictures while shooting high quality moving  pictures*5. For the visual format utilized MPEG-4, based on the ISO standard. For audio realized high quality sound by using the AAC format, a more efficient compression method than MP3. When using a 1GB, SD Memory Card can record 1 hour*6 of VGA-size video clips at 30 fps.

*5  If still images are taken video clip shooting will be interrupted for approximately 2 seconds. Also when the digital image stabilizer is on and when certain pictures modes are being used, the field of view of still images will be altered.  
*6  TV-HQ (MPEG-4 bit rate: 2Mbps) mode

Other Features

“Sapphire Vision”*7 trans-reflective low-temperature polysilicon TFT 2.0 inch  LCD monitor for easy outside viewing
“Pixel-Interpolation 1000” 3680 x 2760 pixels
“Multifunction Docking Station” can charge battery, playback, save and connect  to a PC, also can operate by remote control when connected to the TV  
“Talking Navigation Guide”
“Super Macro” shooting, down to a minimum distance of 1cm
“Cut and Joint” Edit moving pictures  
Quick Standby - immediately able to film or playback when LCD monitor is opened
“Digital Zoom & Trimming” shooting: max. 12 times playback: max 58 times (10M mode)
“Voice Recorder” function with a 1GB SD memory card, total of 17 hours*8 recording time  
“Exif Print” “PRINT Image Matching III”  
“PictBridge” compatible for PC-free printing  

*7 Sapphire Vision is a trademark of SANYO
*8 Continued voice recording max. 9 hours

Additional information: Details on  the Sanyo Xacti C5 (sold outside Japan)
March 3, 2005
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