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Sanyo launches world's first 4-LCD Optical Engine projector

Sanyo launches the LP-XP200L, featuring the world's first 4-LCD optical engine and the brightest luminance of its class at 7,000 lumens. The projector still houses the standard red, green and blue LCDs of a typical LCD projector, but a fourth LCD referred to as the "Color Control Device" is added in the optical engine. The extra LCD balances yellows and prevents colors from suffering as the image gets brighter, a problem typically associated with very bright projections. The new projectors will be available in the Japanese market in September...


Check-out the current Sanyo LCD projector modelsRich color reproduction while being the brightest projector in its class*2 – the LP-XP200L  

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (SANYO) announces a new projector, the LP-XP200L, featuring rich and true color reproduction thanks to the world's first*1 4LCD optical engine, the brightest luminance of its class*2 at 7,000 lumens, and a built-in Active Maintenance Filter (AMF) system with the industry's longest-use time*3 for easy maintenance. The new projector will be available in the Japanese market starting from September 24, 2008.

About the new projector and its technology, Dr. Keiichi Yodoshi, SANYO Digital Systems Company Vice President, said, “With the addition of the new ‘Color Control Device' in the optical engine, the problem typically associated with brighter projectors losing vivid colors is significantly improved upon. Now, with increased demand for projectors with greater brightness, market needs can be answered without sacrificing rich and beautiful color reproduction, in turn allowing sharper, better displays in brighter event halls, large meeting rooms, as well performing magnificently in digital signage and

Sanyo LP-XP200L main features:

World's first*1 4LCD optical engine allows more rich color reproduction

- First in the world equipped with the new 4LCD optical engine with an independently controlled
‘Color Control Device' added to liven up colors over conventional models
- New optical engine design overcomes obstacle of color-loss with increasing brightness typical of 3LCD by up to 20% over previous models
- Bright and real color reproducibility that can be vividly demonstrated in the digital signage market

Achieves 7,000 lumens of brightness, the best in its class*2 for high brightness

- Equipped with high-output, single lamp optical engine technology that realizes higher light efficiency, all at the highest brightness for its class*2 at 7,000 lumens
- Projections now possible in brighter environments, in large and brightly-lit conference rooms and halls

- Displaying fruit and vegetable commercials at supermarkets
- Showing off touring spots for travel destinations at travel agencies
- Projecting cosmetics images at department store

Adopts the ‘Active Maintenance Filter' (AMF) for easy maintenance, the industry's longest lasting filter*3

- Filter is industry's longest*3 lasting: approximately 10,000 hours (cartridge lifecycle is approximately 2 years*4)
- Filter automatically senses when airflow is obstructed by dust, and advances to a clean filter by reeling cartridge to new filter
- Easy to replace, with one-touch cartridge and side-loading access
- One cartridge has the equivalent of 10 filters, lightening the burden of maintenance

Other Features

- Advanced dark scene image representation, classes highest contrast ratio of 2200:1
- To prevent light from entering the presenter's eyes when in front of the projected image, a special mechanical shutter has been included behind the lens, open/close controllable with the remote control, which will temporarily darken the screen
- Projector can be installed at any angle of 360 degrees, allowing ceiling or floor image projection
- Simple installation with advanced right/left, up/down lens shifting function and centered lens layout

*1  As of June 18, 2008 for projectors
*2  As of June 18, 2008 for mid-sized projector models under 12 kg.
*3  Actual filter use time: approx 10,000 hours. (Based on JIS D-0207 accelerated testing environment conditions)
*4  Calculation based on 14 hrs/day projector use (Based on JIS D-0207 accelerated testing environment conditions

Additional information: Check-out the current Sanyo LCD projector models
June 21, 2008
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