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Sanyo announces dye-sublimation digital photo printer DVP-P1

Sanyo announces dye-sublimation digital photo printer DVP-P1 - digital camera and photography news


Thanks to the use of dye-sublimation technology and special paper, the DVP-P1 delivers photos with levels of quality and natural coloring that rival conventional prints from film negatives.
The DVP-P1 applies a coating over the ink layer to give prints outstanding resistance to light and moisture. Your beautiful prints keep their vivid colors for 100 years.    
 The DVP-P1 prints out a true borderless photo in only about 40 seconds, making it one of the fastest printers of its kind. And you save even more time because there's no need to connect to a PC, transfer data, or switch printer paper. With the DVP-P1 you move quickly and easily from shooting to printing, so you have more time to enjoy your high-quality photos.

* Industry's fastest home-use photo printer as of June 2003.

Large-Diameter Platen for One-Way Paper Path

In the dye-sublimation thermal transfer method, yellow, magenta, and cyan colors are printed, in that order, followed by a final overcoating. Conventional systems required a double paper path to do this, which resulted in considerable lost time. The large-diameter platen of the DVP-P1 enables a one-way path that combines with optimal heat history control to achieve high-speed printing.  
   The DVP-P1 uses special 4" x 6" photo paper to give you true borderless prints, without having to trim the borders manually. (You can choose to print borders,
if desired.)              
 Choose from six print modes, depending on your need.
Index mode prints all the images on a memory card in thumbnail form. In Index Select mode you specify which images to print. In ID size mode you can print multiple copies of the same photo in different sizes onto a single sheet of paper. In DPOF mode the DVP-P1 prints according to instructions entered into a
DPOF compatible camera. In One mode the DVP-P1 prints a single specified image on a memory card,
while in All mode it prints all the images on that card.
November 23, 2003
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