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Samsung announces its first 2.11 Mega Pixel digital camcorder, the VP-D907i

Samsung announces its first 2.11 Mega Pixel digital camcorder, the VP-D907i. The model has 10x optical zoom, a 4.1-41 mm focal length lens, a 2.5” LCD viewer and built-in flash light. We're not sure of its looks however, as the European and Asian Samsung websites show different camera bodies.
In the same press release we find the Duo VP-D6050i, already covered in our March 25 news item...


Samsung announces its first 2.11 Mega Pixel digital camcorder, the VP-D907i - digital camera and photography newsSamsung today unveiled its latest digital camcorders models, including its first 2.11 Mega Pixel CCD digital camcorder VP-D907i, the 1 Mega Pixel digital camcorder VP-D903i and the eye-catching 2-in-1 DuoCam VP-D6050i. The new series of Samsung DV camcorders feature enhanced digital video shooting functionalities, which make them the perfect digital mates for Christmas, allowing users to enjoy video recording anytime, anywhere.

VP-D907i — Samsung's first 2.11 Mega Pixel digital camcorder

VP-D907i is Samsung's first 2.11 Mega Pixel digital camcorder, offering the best image quality. The new DV camcorder features a 1/3.6”, 2.11 Mega Pixel CCD sensor. The model has 10x optical zoom and up to 900x digital zoom ratio. VP-D907i's 4.1-41 mm focal length enables users to capture long distance scenes.

VP-D907i is equipped with a number of outstanding functions. Its 2.5” color 211K LCD viewer together with its built-in flash light allow users to handle outdoor photo shooting with distinction in a more easy way. Compared to most digital camcorders which store low resolution still images at 640 x 480 pixels, VP-D907i produces 16001200 high-resolution images suitable for large size prints.

Users can become a video shooting professional by using VP-D907i's unique feature - the “Smart Shoe”, which allows them to conveniently adjust the light, flash, zoom, microphone and more. The new model supports Memory Stick Pro. Using IEEE 1394 interface, images and sounds can be transferred to any compatible PC or digital camera that supports IEEE 1394. Sounds and images can be edited on PC and transferred back to the camcorder while both the camcorder and PC can be connected via USB cable with the images downloaded to the Memory Stick or videotapes.
The Smasung VP-D903i

Samsung's VP-D903i is a multi-functional digital camcorder with 1.4”, 1 Mega Pixel CCD sensor. It has 12x optical zoom and up to 900x digital zoom ratio and a 2.5” color 123K LCD screen. The new camcorder can produce high-resolution images up to 1152864. Samsung's VP-D903i supports Memory Stick and IEEE 1394 interface and users can connect the camcorder and PC via USB cable.

Duo Camcorder VP-D6050i

VP-D6050i, which combines the superb functions of a digital camcorder and a digital camera in one machine, is a 2-in-1 DuoCam that has been put under spotlight. VP-D6050i digital camcorder embeds a 1/6”, 800K pixel CCD sensor and equips with 10x optical zoom and up to 900x digital zoom ratio. Its 2.7–27 mm focal length allows users to shoot distant objects easily. For still images, the new camcorder features a 1/1.8”, 5.25 Mega Pixel CCD sensor with 3x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom lens at focal length between 7.7 and 23.1 mm. VP-D6050i produces still image resolution as high as 2592 × 1944, ensuring the images captured are vivid and stunning.

VP-D6050i also features a 2.5” color 200K LCD viewer and it supports MPEG4 compression technology. The higher compression rate allows higher efficiency of data transmission, which makes it easier to transmit images through the Internet. Users can shoot under total darkness of “0” Lux within a near distance by using infrared rays emitted from the camcorder and slow shutter at the same time with VP-D6050i's enhanced video shooting feature - The Power Night Capture.

VP-D6050i provides 4-in-1 Multi Memory Card Slot and users can use Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, MMC and SD Card as a flash memory card to record still images or MPEG4 movie clips. Photos of pleasure moments can be printed out right away with VPD6050i's PictBridge™ technology, as it enables users to connect the camcorder directly to the printer.

Samsung's new series of DV camcorders is now available at all Samsung Digital Zones and major electrical appliance retailers.
December 13, 2004
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