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Samsung releases 3.2 Megapixel version in the new Digimax V-series: the Digimax V3

Samsung has released a 3.2 Megapixel version in their new Digimax V series, the Samsung Digimax V3. Other main characteristics:
- Schneider lens - 3x zoom
- Enhanced Movie Clip (320X240) & Voice Recording
Like the Digimax V4, this camera supports no less than 9 kinds of power sources, including AA Alkaline, AA Lithium, CR-V3, and rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, as well as a dedicated Li-ion battery or AC adaptor, so you don't have to worry about running out of power...
Samsung USA product specifications


Thanks to a 3.2 Mega-Pixel resolution, clear and detailed prints as large as A4 are possible. Advanced image processing functions mean subjects are brighter and more natural looking.

The V3 has a 3 x Optical and 4 x Digital zoom meaning a impressive 12 times zoom capability. The superior Schneider lens produces crystal clear images. By using a highly refractive lens, chromatics and distortion are eliminated. For more natural-looking pictures, each lens surface is multi-coated to minimize the "ghost" or "flare" phenomenon.

The Digimax V3 supports no less than 9 kinds of power sources so you are free to take pictures whenever and wherever, without having to worry about running out of power.

Other features include a 6cm Super Macro for close ups, a clear and bright LCD TFT monitor which can be adjusted for easy viewing in different lighting conditions, and advanced Manual Shooting functions, including Aperture priority, Shutter priority and Manual.

Another useful feature is the "My Set" function which lets you choose and save your 9 favourite camera settings, such as image size, quality and ISO. This enables you to achieve great results that you want, in many different shooting conditions, with just one touch of a button. Supports 3 modes - My Set 1 / My Set 2 / My Set 3.

The Digimax V3 has a sound recording function, which is ideal for recoding events such a speeches and important business meetings. You can also capture movie clips with sound, and add 10 seconds of commentary to your still images. This is limited only to the available memory capacity of the storage card.

Anorther useful feature is One-touch Play Back, which allows you to see your captured images immediately, and can be activated even when the camera's power is off.

Shooting Modes include: Easy, Program, Portrait, Night Scene, Movie Clip, Voice Recording, My Set, A/S/M.

Flash Modes include : Auto, Auto & Red-eye Reduction, Fill-in, Flash-Off, Slow Sync.
Other Modes : Self-timer(10 sec.), 2 sec. Display Shutter, Remote control (Optional)
Continuous / Auto Bracketing Shooting

High speed continuous shooting lets you capture any moment. With Auto Bracketing, various images of 3 frames can be taken automatically with different exposures in ¡¾1/2EV.

Diverse Adjustment & Effect

The white balance control makes it easy to obtain natural-coloured images in any light conditions. You can adjust an image's sharpness up to 3 levels and add special effects, including Black and White, sRGB (Projector Display) and Sunset.

White balance

Different lighting conditions may cause a color cast on your images. The white balance control allows you to adjust the colors to appear more natural looking.

Editing Captured Image without PC

You can edit captured images easily, without the need for a PC. The Trimming function can be used to save only a certain part of the captured image and the Resizing function can be used to resize images.

A selection of helpful software is provided with the Digimax V3.

Digimax Viewer : This enables images to be displayed on a PC monitor where they can then be saved and transferred to other files.
MGI PhotoShuite : For still image editing

Additional information: Samsung USA product specifications
May 26, 2003
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