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Samsung announces new series of mobile phones, the SGH-E700 is the top

This summer, Samsung announced a new series of mobile phones, with the SGH-E700 being the top. What sets the SGH-E700 apart from the rest is its number of features. The folder model phone has a VGA camera mounted, and the external LCD can be used as the viewfinder, allowing picture-taking without having to open the phone. Samsung has now launched a special (Flash) website dedicated to the new E700...
Samsung announces new series of mobile phones, the SGH-E700 is the top - digital camera and photography news


There are moments that you can't express with a single picture. “With the Samsung E700, you can take up to 15…”  You can take up to 15 continuous pictures in high speed mode or up to 9 picture in normal speed mode.

Taking pictures of yourself has never been this easier. All you do is press the camera button on the right side of the phone. Point the camera at yourself and let the 256 colours OLED give you great self portraits. The timer function makes it even easier.

You think it's impossible to take pictures in the dark? Think again. Samsung E700's advanced camera technology allows you to take pictures at night without a flash. Samsung E700 detects an object's brightness and sets the best exposure to create perfect pictures. Try it and you'll be amazed.

Ever drawn pictures on your photos? Now you can add our symbols to pictures of your friends or family. If you're with your partner, take your photo with our built-in-camera and choose our heart shape frame. It can be a unique love letter. The Samsung E700 has 15 different frames. Creat your own style!

The Samsung E700's sophisticated filter function gives you even more subtlety as a photographer. You can play with gray, negative, sepia, emboss and sketch  filter effects. The simple menu setting gives you absolute control of all these special effects. It brings you great results as if you're changing the lenses of a professional camera. You can even make pictures look like old photographs or paintings.

Have you ever used a professional camera with a zoom lens? It may surprise you that the tiny Samsung E700 has a powerful digital zoom function. No need to walk up to friends to take a close up picture. The zoom is useful when you take a photo of yourself, too. It's great and it's fun!

Often there are moments when you want to take a picture of your friends or capture a beautiful landscape. But sometimes it's too dark or too bright to effectively capture them using an ordinary camera. The Samsung E700 camera's special contrast control takes away such difficulty. From the default contrast, you can make the scene brighter or darker in 7 levels.  Try it and you're guaranteed the best picture.

This summer's press release

Seoul, Korea-August 27th 2003: The SAMSUNG Electronics' new line of GSM wireless handsets, SGH-E700, SGH-X600, and SGH-X100 made their debut in Frankfurt on August 26 (local time).

The company has high hopes for the SGH-E700. This unique folder model has a camera mounted on the front and an internal antenna. The external LCD can be used as the viewfinder, allowing picture-taking without having to open the phone.

Moreover, various stored image templates can be used to decorate the snapshots. With the Night Mode, the SGH-E700 can take clear, sharp images in the dark.

The sophisticated design targets high-income buyers in their 20s and 30s. The SGH-E700 is available in indigo blue, metallic silver, deep gray, Beaujolais red, ice white or pearl white.

The SGH-X600, being launched with the SGH-E700, is SAMSUNG's first bar-type camera phone. A miniature flash is built around the lens, making picture taking easy in dark places or at night.

It boasts a slim design that weighs just 80 grams. It comes in either blue or silver.

Completing Samsung's new ensemble, the bar-type SGH-X100 sports a diminutive curved design. A thin silver body wraps around the pearl blue front, earning the phone the nickname “pearl.”
October 19, 2003
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