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Samsung Europe announces the new S1070

Samsung Europe expands its budget S-Series digital cameras. The new model S1070 is a 10.2 megapixels camera equipped with a 3x optical (35-105mm at 35mm) zoom lens, a step down from the 5x optical zoom lens on the previous model S1060. Furthermore, the S1070 features an "intelligent" 2.7 inch LCD monitor, which adjusts brightness of the LCD automatically based on the surrounding light. The new S1070 will be available in September 2008 in Black, Silver and Pink for a street price of about 125 euro...


Samsung Europe announces the new S1070 - digital camera and photography newsIntelligent 230K pixel 2.7” LCD : Great luminosity achieved through automatic adjustment of brightness based on a light condition

- Brightness is automatically adjusted and corrected to prevent reduced luminosity of the LCD that can occur as result of strong sunlight.
- Brightness is automatically adjusted to prevent unnecessary battery consumption when pictures are taken in low light conditions and the LCD is clearly visible.
- Intelligent LCD is a function that adjusts brightness of the LCD automatically based on the surrounding light.

DIS (Digital Image Stabilization) : Fast digital image correction resulting from shaky hands

- The image is continuously pictured twice so that colour information is extracted from one and shape information is extracted from the other one to present the clear image of natural colour and minimized hand tremble.
- Hand tremble that can occur in outdoor or indoor shooting is minimized to present the natural colour and clear image (Relatively better quality image in high sensitivity).
- The moving object is automatically detected to enable shooting of fast moving objects.
- Low power consumption compared to the mechanical method.

Face Detection function : Face detection optimized for portrait shots

- Under a backlight condition and when there is a difference in exposure between a subject and its background, a subject's face is automatically detected, and brightness and focus are automatically adjusted for optimal shots.
- When a subject is moving within a frame, it is automatically detected and tracked and Auto Exposure (AE) and Auto Focus (AF) are applied accordingly.
- Up to 9 subjects can be detected at a time to support reliable image composition for portrait and multiple subjects shots.
July 16, 2008
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