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Samsung offers a brand new vision with premium "NV Series"

Samsung launches three digital cameras in the new NV Series, developed following a 2-year consumer research study that began in 2004. The blue ring design concept aims to become a mark for Samsung quality and design in digital camera category. The Samsung NV7 OPS offers 7 Megapixel and Optical Picture Stabilization, the NV3 comes with the same amount of pixels in a 17.5 mm ultra compact body and the NV10 offers 10 Megapixels and a 2.5" wide-view LCD...


Samsung offers a brand new vision with premium "NV Series" - digital camera and photography newsSamsung Cameras is bringing a new vision to the digital compact camera market with the NV Series. Consisting of three cameras, the NV7 OPS, NV10 and NV3, the NV Series was developed following a two year consumer research study to gain insight into the lifestyle and needs of consumers and their picture-taking interests. Samsung has devised attractive designs and new user interface (UI) concepts to create a premium product group. As well as offering practical technology and easy usability, the new NV Series stands for individuality and style. Launched with a new blue ring, this design concept aims to become a consistent mark for Samsung quality and design in the digital camera market.

The NV Series introduces the innovative UI using Smart Touch buttons for the first time in a digital camera, offering easy and convenient control for the NV7 OPS and NV10 – a gentle touch is all it takes to navigate menu items, manipulate the settings, or view your pictures.

“The NV cameras present a unique offering to users with new and additional features not currently available on the market,” said Jake Kim, managing director, Samsung Cameras UK.
“We are proud to use this range as the cornerstone of our compact camera vision and believe it will benchmark the quality and innovation that photographers of all levels can expect from Samsung.”

The Samsung NV7 OPS (details)

Delivering a more advanced photographic experience for taking scenery, sports or even more challenging shots, the NV7 OPS, with 7.2 mega pixels and a 7x optical zoom, offers both the Optical Picture Stabilisation (OPS) and the Advanced Shake Reduction (ASR) processing function to deliver optimum image quality. These combined technologies enable you to take clear and natural pictures anywhere and in lower light conditions without using a flash. Additional functionality provides TV quality MPEG-4 VGA (640x480) 30 fps video recording (including zoom and pause) and a photo gallery function for convenient picture viewing with the Smart Touch interface. The NV7 OPS comes with a rechargeable battery and has a multi-charging system including USB and optional high capacity SBP-4442 battery kit.

The Samsung NV10  (details)

With 10.1 mega pixels and a 2.5" wide-view LCD, the NV10 provides brighter, sharper, more detailed images. Coupled with Samsung's unique Advanced Shake Reduction (ASR) system, the NV10 enables you to take clearer pictures indoors or in lower light conditions. The NV10 also features TV quality MPEG-4 VGA (640x480) 30fps video recording (zoom and pause). A virtual dial mode is also offered for added convenience in controlling the camera. The NV10 comes complete with a rechargeable battery and can also be charged via USB on a PC or Mac, or via the optional high capacity SBP-4442 battery kit.

The Samsung NV3   (details)

Functioning as a high resolution 7.2 mega-pixel digital camera, the NV3 is both a luxurious and practical multimedia device sure to attract the next generation of digital photographers. Encased in a thin 17.5mm case, it also acts as an MP3 player using a special audio processing chip delivering 3D, Jazz, Rock, and other sound effects. The NV3 includes a Portable Multimedia Player (PMP) for realistic movie sounds. The NV3 also doubles as a digital camcorder with MPEG-4 TVD (720x480) 20fps &; VGA (640x480) 30fps with Auto Gain Control (AGC) technology to minimise zoom noise during video recording.  A text viewer allows the user to read text on the LCD, or to use as an e-book, whilst the multi-tasking ability enables you to listen to music while taking pictures.
July 4, 2006
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