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Samsung releases GX-20 firmware update version 1.01

Samsung releases the first firmware update for the GX-20 digital SLR camera.

This update addresses a minor problem and minimizes image noise when using the 2 second self-timer.

The update tackles the same problem as the June 16th firmware update for the Pentax K20D, the twin brother of the Samsung GX-20...
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The GX20 boasts a 14.6 mega-pixel image sensor, which offers the photographer a sharper image with richer colors for a truly compelling composition. Taking photos is made easier with the Enhanced Digital Filter which allows a greater dynamic range of exposures and can also be used to add various effects or compensate for missing pixels after taking a picture. For unrivalled photo viewing, the GX-20 also comes complete with a wide view 2.7” TFT LCD (230k pixels) and live view through the optical viewfinder or LCD display.

With its powerful built-in Optical Picture Stabilization (OPS) technology, the GX-20 prevents blurred pictures by shifting the CCD to counter any movement of the camera's body. This function is designed to minimize shake by oscillating the image sensor vertically and horizontally – eliminating the need for additional anti-shake lenses.  

The GX-20 is robust enough for taking quality pictures in wet, sandy or dusty conditions.  The special water-resistant and anti-dusting body sealing protects 72 different parts and the advanced Dual Dust Removal System included in the GX-20 also removes problematic particles from the sensor, resulting in perfect, blemish-free pictures with minimum effort on the part of the photographer.

With the one-touch RAW button, built into the GX-20, RAW file shooting is made simple and instantly available to users even during general JPEG shooting. The RAW files can be checked on the LCD and then be directly converted to JPEG format via the built-in converter.

With the GX-20, continuous shooting at 3 fps (frames per second) is possible; up to 9 fps; giving the user the best chance to get a great picture.

Additional information: Check-out the Samsung GX-20 specifications & reviews
July 23, 2008
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