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The Samsung Digimax I-Pack rechargeable Lithium Ion battery

A few months ago, Samsung has unveiled a rechargeable Lithium-Ion CR-series battery pack. Known as the Digimax Battery I-Pack. It can replace two conventional AA cells or a single CR-V3 battery, not only in Smasung cameras, but in a number of today's digital cameras, providing the high voltage/low temperature performance they need...


The Samsung Digimax I-Pack rechargeable Lithium Ion battery - digital camera and photography newsSamsung is proud to announce the world's first rechargeable Lithium-Ion CR-series battery pack. Known as the Digimax Battery I-Pack, it can replace two conventional AA cells or a single CR-V3 battery in today's digital cameras while providing the high voltage and low temperature performance they demand. The I-Pack is compatible with numerous cameras yet is specifically designed as a power source for the Digimax series of digital cameras, including the V50, V5, 530, V40, V4, 430, 401, 370, V3, 250 and 202.

"No matter what kind of electronic devices consumers use today, the need for a reliable, long-lasting power source is universal," said Gary Sutton, Sales manager for Samsung Camera. "With the introduction of the new I-Pack rechargeable battery, we've delivered an ideal power solution for the majority of the cameras within the Digimax line."

Max Power

As digital cameras become more feature laden, sporting larger LCD preview screens and increased zoom ranges, this affects battery consumption and adds the inconvenience of carrying more batteries. The Digimax Battery I-Pack is not only rechargeable but is fully compatible with many different brands of digital cameras that use AA or CR-V3 batteries.

A single Samsung I-Pack doesn't just do the job of two conventional cells -- it delivers better performance too. When used in a digital camera, with the power hungry LCD preview screen turned on and making continuous shots every thirty seconds, two AA alkaline batteries will last only eleven minutes and take approximately twenty-four photographs. Replace those two AA alkaline batteries with the new Samsung I-pack, and the same camera, used under the same conditions will last for 140 minutes and provide enough power to take 280 shots!

When the going gets tough, the Samsung I-Pack gets going. When temperatures rise, the I-Pack keeps its cool at up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (or 60 degrees Celsius). Handling the cold is also a snap for the I-pack, as it was designed to handle temperatures of minus four degrees F (-20 degrees Celsius). When using the I-pack below its recommend temperature range, the battery pack's power will decrease by only seven to eight percent. And while the I-Pack mimics two AA cells, and you can mix them in four AA configuration, Samsung doesn't advise it.

Power Back Up

Samsung's Digimax Battery I-Pack recharges in just two hours, and unlike other rechargeable technologies of the not-so-distant past doesn't have a "memory" and can be recharged many times without ill effects or shortening the effective battery life. Even if you stick your camera up on a shelf with fully charged batteries, it will last more than six months before power begins to fade. So when Junior starts doing something unbearably cute, you'll be able to capture that special moment-digitally.

The Digimax Battery I-Pack uses Lithium-Ion batteries and has a built-in constant voltage circuit for increased stability and comes with a battery charger that's capable of charging Ni-MH batteries as well. So when the I-Pack's Lithium-Ion battery pack needs to be recharged, you can substitute Ni-MH batteries in a pinch.
June 16, 2004
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