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Samsung releases the Digimax A50, 5 megapixel and 3x optical zoom


Samsung releases the Digimax A50, 5 megapixel and 3x optical zoom - digital camera and photography newsSamsung Camera has announced that it will release a 5 mega-pixel high-resolution digital camera with Samsung's 3x optical zoom SHD lens (model name: DIGIMAX A50) .

The DIGIMAX A50 provides a 4x digital zoom in addition to a 3x optical zoom, achieving 12x total zoom when they are used together. It also provides 5x zoom during playback,. The DIGIMAX A50 is equipped with a large 2.5" 200k high-resolution LCD to offer the best image quality for getting the right shot and reviewing your pictures.

For a more enhanced movie shooting experience, the DIGIMAX A50 supports MPEG-4, the high-compression high-quality video format, which can record for up to 3-4 times longer than many other video formats used in digital cameras. The DIGIMAX A50 can even be used as a camcorder since it supports more than 1 hour of high quality video recording time if you are using a 256 MB memory card. With powerful video recording in VGA (640x480) at 30 fps, the DIGIMAX A50 provides a wider screen and clearer video quality, allowing you to enjoy your videos on the TV.

For an enhanced video recording experience, the video capability of the DIGIMAX A50 has been improved in the following four areas:

First, it can reduce the camera shake that can occur during movie recording. By means of automatic detection and correction of lateral and vertical camera vibrations caused by movement, it maintains steady recording of a subject.

Second, the DIGIMAX A50 adopts a continuous video recording feature, which is based on exclusive Samsung technology. The continuous video recording feature allows you to pause and resume video recording, at the touch of a button, and merge multiple movie clips into a single file.

Third, the DIGIMAX A50 has a built-in video editing capability. You can edit out parts of the movie that you do not want, in the camera. It also allows you to capture a selected part of a movie clip as a still image during playback.

Finally, you can use the DIGIMAX A50 optical zoom to zoom in during recording (sound is muted during use of the zoom or users can use Mute button in movie clip)

The DIGIMAX A50 has special effect functions that give you a unique shooting experience beyond conventional photo-taking. The special effect functions of the DIGIMAX A50 are Colour, Highlight, Photo Frame and Composite Shot.

First, Colour Effect lets you obtain various colour effects by taking a picture in B/W, sepia, blue, red, green or a film colour.

Second, Highlight, helps you focus on the subject you want by putting the surrounding parts of the shot into soft focus.

Third, Composite Shot allows you to divide a combine 2-4 shots and save them as a single file.

Fourth, Photo Frame allows you choose from 9 different types of fun photo frame.

The DIGIMAX A50 has Continuous Shooting and Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) functions. You can use Continuous Shooting to shoot a fast-moving subject continuously, and get consecutive frames of the action. AEB gives a series of pictures with slightly varying exposures.

Using the built-in image editing functions of the DIGIMAX A50, you can edit various images without a PC. The Trimming function allows you to cut an unwanted part of an image and save only the required part. When you are short of memory, the Resizing function lets you recover some of the memory space by resizing images into a smaller size and saving them. The Rotating function allows you to rotate an image in the desired direction and save it.

With its Auto Macro function, the DIGIMAX A50 automatically adjusts the shooting distance and focus. You can press the macro button to have the camera adjust distance and focus automatically within the range of 5 cm to infinity, obtaining crystal clear images regardless of their range.

The DIGIMAX A50 supports various scene modes to let you obtain the optimal picture result in a variety of settings. The ten scene modes supported by the DIGIMAX A50 are Night Scene, Portrait, Children, Landscape, Close-up, Sunset, Dawn, Backlight, Fireworks, Beach & Snow.

The PictBridge feature of the DIGIMAX A50 allows pictures taken with the camera to be directly printed without a PC, so you can instantly obtain clear 5 mega-pixel prints just by connecting the camera to a compatible printer. In addition, it provides a substantially faster transfer rate with USB 2.0 as compared to the existing USB 1.1.

The album feature of the DIGIMAX A50 allows you to organize images based on your own criteria, for example event and date, and to enjoy only selected images in a slide show.

In addition, the DIGIMAX A50 is equipped with a built-in memory (32 MB), allowing you to save pictures taken, without a memory card. With the Copy to Card function, you can seamlessly transfer images saved in the internal memory to an external memory. It also provides various useful functions such as voice recording for up to 1 hour, voice memo for adding a short voice message to a picture and "One-touch Playback" for instant playback of a picture even when the power is off.
June 4, 2005
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