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The Rollei MiniDigi: a mini digital camera in retro disguise

Rollei will show on the Japanese Photo Expo 2004 a mini digital version of its famous twin-lens reflex cameras. The main specs of the Rollei MiniDigi are:
- 2 Mp image sensor
- Fixed focus lens
- Storage: SD card
- 1.1 inch color LCD
- Power supply : CR2
- W49xH73xD45mm


Original Japanese press release This press release is system translated from the Japanese version

The German high-class twin-lens reflex camera currently regularly continued by using the top cameramen in the world "Law LIFE Rex." "MiniDigi (MINIDEJI)" which made it the miniature and was further made digital is a low rye Japan general agent and incorporated company. It is put on the market by the Komamura company (location : 3-2-4, Nihombashi Ningyo-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, the representative director president : Toshiyuki Komamura). This is a world's first digital camera by the 2 eye type.

"Law LIFE Rex" is the 6x6cm seal twin-lens reflex camera which has been used also for photography of HARIUDDOSEREBU and has also been regularly used in addition by the cameraman in the world now since sale in 1929. "MiniDigi (MINIDEJI)" put on the market lately is charm with the big photography style of peeping into a finder through from [ when it is also the feature of the twin-lens reflex camera ]. in order that the side photographed [ that is photographed and ] may not unite an eye, it is mutual-alike, and does not establish and there is an advantage of being naturally Since the photograph of a rich expression can be taken, it is recommendation taking the photograph of a baby or a pet. Moreover, the free world without the vertical position and horizontal position copied out on the square monitor has a wonderful charm of showing the photographed picture fresh.

a palm -- though "Mini-Digi (MINIDEJI)" with pretty size is a classic atmosphere, the gap that it is a digital camera is also one of the charm He can put in into a pocket, and can have and walk, and it can also lower from a head by the strap of exclusive use, and is the the best for the offering of a destination or a walk. Since the "low rye" twin-lens reflex camera is reproduced faithfully, there is also secret prejudice of turning and photoing a winding-up lever, and it can fully be satisfied also with a camera lover.

Low rye "Mini-Digi (MINIDEJI) which can enjoy the charm it is unattractive to an old digital camera is the camera which becomes pleasant only by having and which combines such the play heart and practicality. The scene which stopped at the eye with the bra bra walk is photoed and arranged in the style of itself in a destination or a street corner. Please enjoy the charm of a completely new digital camera with low rye "MiniDigi (MINIDEJI)."
Law LIFE Rex MINIDEJI product specification
■ Two mega sensor use (square format)
■ Lens : F2.8 9mm Fixed focus
■ Depth-of-focus range : 0.5m-infinity
■ Shutter PIDO : 1 / [ 1/15 - ] 7500 seconds
■ Exposure adjustment : automatic
■ White balance : automatic
■ Remover bull media : SD card
■ Picture size :
1280x1280 pixels (high resolution mode)
640x640 pixel (low resolution mode)
■ LCD : 1.1 inch-color-LCD-build in the main part upper part.
■ Finder : waist level finder
■ Power supply : CR2
■ Main part size : W49xH73xD45mm

Fri., May 21, 2004 sale schedule
- Manufacturer's suggested price (according to tax) 39,800 yen

Additional information: Original Japanese press release
March 9, 2004
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