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The Ricoh RDC-i700G adds GPS functionality to an already feature packed digital camera

Ricoh Japan has released a new model of the RDC-i700, the model G, which stands for GPS. In addition to its already abbundant digital photography functions and Internet communication functions, such as E-mail and FTP upload, a GPS function is added.
By connecting a GPS card, additional information on the position information on latitude or longitude at the time of photography, will be recorded with image. An example of the supported CPS cards is the I-ODATA CFGPS2 card. More info at (Japanese)
The Ricoh RDC-i700G adds GPS functionality to an already feature packed digital camera - digital camera and photography news


Note that this press release is system translated form Japanese, and will be replaced when a US version becomes available

A new product "RDC-i700 model G" begins the Internet communication functions, such as E-mail transmission of a photography picture, and homepage perusal, FTP upload of a picture, and adds a GPS correspondence function based on 3,240,000 pixel and the optical [ 3 times as many as this ] zoom digital camera "RDC-i700" (September, 2000 sale) which carried various intelligent functions to demonstrate power on a business scene.
By connecting a GPS card, the picture which added the position information on latitude or longitude at the time of photography is recordable. Moreover, the data can be immediately transmitted by utilizing a mail transceiver function (a communication card is required). Furthermore, it is also possible to display the photography position of the photograph sent from the spot on the map of a personal computer by utilizing the map application software corresponding to GPS.

For example, by transmitting the position information on the photograph of an on-site situation detailed at the time of an urgent calamity, and the calamity spot to measure headquarters, detailed information can be grasped and a prompt action is attained in measure headquarters. Moreover, power is demonstrated to crime prevention, a patrol, practical use by market research, etc.  
The main features of RDC-i700 model G

It is a GPS correspondence digital camera.
It is possible to add GPS information (latitude, longitude) to photography image data by connecting an optional GPS card (GPS information may be unacquirable with geographical conditions).
The photograph data with position information can be easily transmitted from the spot by the E-mail transceiver function (an optional communication card is required).
It is possible to use attached picture managed software "DU-10g", to list-display photograph data with GPS information, to edit it, and to print it with a personal computer, (the Macintosh environment un-corresponding). Furthermore, it is also possible to display the taken photograph on the map of a personal computer by cooperation with optional map application.

It can use as an Internet terminal. (An optional communication card is required)
E-mail appending transmission of a photograph is possible on the photoed spot. *1 . Moreover, a quick transmitting function *2 It is alike and the picture transmission by easy operation is more possible. Furthermore, reception of a picture is also possible.
*1: A contract with a provider etc. is required for an Internet access service in advance.
*2: Quick transmission is the mode which transmits the still picture of one sheet to the address of one affair set up beforehand.
A maximum of 50-affair registration is possible for E mail address. It connects with direct or a personal computer using a touch pen by the software keyboard of a main part, and registration can be set up on a web browser.
Transmission is direct possible in a picture file to the personal computer of modem connection.
A picture file is changed in size into five stages at the time of transmission, and it is transmitted. Shortening of transmitting time is possible by reduction of size. Original data is saved in a camera, without being reduced.
By loading of a web browser function, homepage perusal at a going-out place is possible.
The upload to a homepage is possible at a going-out place to FTP in the HTML file created by RDC-i700 model G by the HTML file creation function and the HTML upload function.

They are the high definition and the multirole digital camera which carried 3,240,000-pixel CCD.
A maximum of 2,048x1,536-pixel high definition and high definition photography are possible.
An optical [ 3 times as many as this ] zoom function equivalent to 35-105mm is carried by 35mm conversion.
A maximum of 3.2 times as many digital zoom as this is also carried only at 640x 480:00.
The macro photography function for which it can press from a photographic subject to about 1cm of shortest is carried.
The character mode by monochrome 2 value record is carried.
An animation, a sound, and the still picture record with a sound for 10 seconds are possible.
It is possible to add the camera memorandum created beforehand to a still picture. Selection of a maximum of five items is possible to the still picture of one sheet. Moreover, the picture with a memorandum downloaded to the personal computer can also print a picture and a memorandum together.

It is the intelligent design which is easy to use.
A liquid crystal display monitor adopts 3.5 type LCD with a touch panel. Not only a photography picture but perusal of a text or HTML data is possible.
By using an attached touch pen, the colorful operation of the information input by the direct handwriting to a software keyboard or a display picture etc. is possible.
270-degree rotation is possible for a monitor. It is effective in the case of its own photography, and also monitoring with high flexibility is realized.
February 26, 2003
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