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Ricoh unveils the new entry level Caplio RR770

Ricoh announces the new Caplio RR770m, a new entry-level digital camera and successor to the Caplio RR750 predecessor. The RR770 features a 7.1 megapixel CCD image sensor, a spacious crystal-clear 3.0-inch color TFT-LCD monitor, 32 MB of internal memory, and you can add SD Cards for more storage. The trim, compact black body of the RR770 measures 94.5mm x 60.0mm x 29.1mm and weighs only 140grams, so it sits lightly in the palm of your hand and is easily carried in pocket or purse...
All about the new Ricoh Caplio R770


Unrivaled Ricoh usability with 7.1megapixel resolution and a 3.0-inch TFT-LCD monitor. The perfect combination of ease-of-use and picture-taking power!

Ricoh is pleased to announce the release of the new Caplio RR770—a sleek new entry-level digital camera that adds exciting and useful features to its extremely popular Caplio RR750 predecessor. The expanded size of the new crystal-clear 3.0-inch color TFT-LCD monitor provides even easier viewing during picture taking and playback.

The Caplio RR770 is the most recent addition to Ricoh's popular, award-winning range of digital cameras, whose outstanding performance, value for money and stylish designs have won favor with photographers throughout the world. The RR770 consistently produces striking, crystal-clear images at a level of quality surpassing other cameras in its class. Equipped with a 3x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom, for a combined 12x zoom, the RR770 has the versatility to handle almost any photographic situation with ease.

The trim, compact black body of the RR770 weighs only 140g*, so it sits lightly in the palm of your hand and is easily carried in pocket or purse. Of course the RR770 has all of the point-and-shoot freedom of earlier models, and even beginners will have no trouble impressing friends and family with beautiful digital images. In the six scene modes of the RR770, you will find many exciting options for adding a touch of creativity to your digital imagery. The Mode dial settings of Auto, Program, Portrait, Landscape, Sports and Night Scene, along with the popular Movie mode, offer extensive choices and a high level of usability.

The larger size of the new high-resolution 3.0-inch color TFT-LCD monitor makes it even easier for you to check your shots, seeing them clearly anytime and anywhere. And of course you can transfer them to your computer with the RR770's high speed USB connector. The RR770's 32 MB of internal memory gives it the capacity to take many beautiful pictures right out of the box. If additional storage space becomes necessary, you can just add an SD Card, a widely used and easily available storage medium.

The impressive new Caplio RR770 packs all the features you need into an easy-to-use compact digital camera. With an elegant black body, powerful zoom and large 3.0-inch TFT-LCD monitor, the RR770 is the camera for you.

Additional information: All about the new Ricoh Caplio R770
November 23, 2007
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