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Ricoh releases firmware update version 1.18 for the GX100

Ricoh releases firmware update version 1.18 for the GX100. This update offers these improvements:
1. Under certain conditions, in manual exposure mode, even if you press the function button for automatic exposure adjustment, it will fail to select the appropriate exposure settings
2. Improvement of flash control in a dark environments.
3. Modified the format of JPEG files from a RAW format file that produced an incorrect file format in case you set the [RAW/JPEG setting] to [N640], and the [Pic Quality/Size] setting to [RAW 3:2]...


Check-out the Ricoh GX100 specifications and reviewsRicoh GX100 firmware information:

Download Ricoh GX100 firmware update version 1.18 for Windows and Mac

In case you missed or did not apply the previous GX100 firmware updates, you will get these improvements too:

[ version 1.16 ]

1. Adjusted the exposure in bright-light shooting with a flash.
2. Modified the following display phenomena.  • If you playback a picture (3:2 or 1:1) enlarged, the location window in the right corner of the LCD may be out of alignment.
• If you assign FOCUS in the Fn button, and set to enable the STEP ZOOM, and if you switch a focus setting to the MF from the other focus settings with the Fn button, it may remain a number of zoom display on the zoom bar in the left of the LCD.

[ version 1.14 ]

1. Improved accuracy of the AF algorithm.
2. Modified the following display phenomena.  • If you switch between AF and MF with the Fn (Function) button, a part of the grid guide may disappear.
• If you turn a camera power with set to the [LANDSCAPE] in the SCENE mode, the message, 'Settings have been changed' will appear.
• If you use AAA type batteries in the Multi AF mode, even if you focus on the subject, a focus frame size will not change.
3. After you register the Spot AF in the MySettings, if you turn the Mode dial to change a setting, a focusing mode may change from the Spot AF to the Multi AF.
4. Found some errors in the shooting information in a DNG file, such as a value of the exposure compensation. Modified to record a DNG file correctly.
5. Modified the phenomenon that the skew correction feature may not work properly.
6. Revise a level of the image compensation in a long exposure.

[ version 1.13 ]

1. Modified the following phenomena.  • In RAW mode shooting, if a shutter speed is slower than 15 sec., a camera may fail to record an image properly.
• If you turn the camera power with the lens cap is attached to the lens, and then if you press the playback button, you will not operate a camera at all.
• After you change a mode, the step zoom setting may become OFF.
2. Improved stability the lens control at normal AF.

[ version 1.12 ]

• If you register the Aperture priority mode (A mode) in the [My setting 2], a shutter speed will be fixed.
• With your setting the [Sequential No.] is ON, after a file number reached to "9999", the "File Number Over" message will appear and you will not able to take a picture any longer.

Additional information: Check-out the Ricoh GX100 specifications and reviews
March 9, 2008
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