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Ricoh firmware update 2.03 for the GR DIGITAL II

Following its May 1 firmware update version 2.02, Ricoh now releases its next firmware update - version 2.03 - for the GR DIGITAL II digital camera.

This firmware update fixes the problem whereby the camera will not recognize the recommended flash from Sigma listed below.
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In case you missed or did not apply the previous  Ricoh GR DIGITAL II firmware updates, you will get these improvements too:

[Version 2.02]
• Modified the following phenomenon. After taking a picture with a long exposure time (1 second or slower) in the M mode (manual exposure mode), and then even if you take a picture in the Auto shooting mode, the image processing for the long exposure time will be performed.

[Version 2.01]
• Improved the exposure at multi-shot with using recommended flash from Sigma (EF-530 DG SUPER / EF-530 DG ST).

[Version 2.00]
• Switching shooting modes in My Settings mode - At My Settings mode, you can switch shooting modes with the menu setting without turning the mode dial.
• Magnified Playback using Up-down Dial/ADJ. Lever - You can use also the up-down dial to enlarge an image during the playback mode, not only with the enlarged view button.
• [Level Sound] in [Operation Sounds] - You can choose [Level Sound] in [Operation Sound].
• [On]/[Off] for the [Power Button Lamp]  - When the power is turned on, you can now make a setting to light the power button lamp or not.
• Supports the flash from Sigma, [EF-500 DG ST/SUPER].
• Improved the white balance when you take a picture with the [Flash Synchro] in flash modes.
• Modified the phenomenon that the information will not be displayed when the following combinations; setting the display off and the [Info Disp] on, and then switching the macro mode.
• Modified the phenomenon that if being selected the [CL-BKT] in the [Auto Bracket], and if taking a picture with a long exposure time (15 seconds or longer) in the M mode, the color bracket processing will not completed and any keys will not work.

[Version 1.12]
• Improved an image quality in a small size (VGA etc.)
• Modified the following phenomena.
 - If you operate the ADJ lever in the macro mode, display switching speed may change.
 - If you operate the ADJ lever while compensating exposure, any keys will not work.
• When you exit a macro mode, the lens unit operating will become initialized in order to improve a focus accuracy.

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May 16, 2008
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