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Ricoh releases function-enhancing firmware for GR Digital

Ricoh will release firmware version 1.25 for the GR Digital, which will provide functional improvements and some functions featured on the new GR Digital II. It will be possible to select four colors from sepia, and color depth, contrast, and sharpness settings can be specified in five levels. Furthermore, when using synchro-monitor mode it is possible to display only information such as aperture and shutter speed. Flash strength can now be adjusted, and a GT-1 tele conversion lens can be attached.
Update: This firmware version is available now...


Ricoh firmware download pages (not yet updated)!This update provides functional improvements such as new settings for black and white images which installed in new product GR DIGITAL II.
Ricoh announced today that it will release on November 22 the fifth function-enhancing firmware update for its GR DIGITAL* high-resolution compact digital camera, which has been well received in the two years since its launch.
* GR DIGITAL is a high-end digital camera popular with professional photographers, experienced amateurs, and photo aficionados, and achieves high resolution in a compact body. It was first released on October 21, 2005 and is open priced.

The function-enhancing firmware updates are released in response to opinions and requests received from a large number of customers via GR BLOG, surveys submitted at customer registration time, etc. Since the first update was released on March 24, many GR DIGITAL users have downloaded the updates, and much positive feedback has been received. In conjunction with the introduction of the new GR DIGITAL II on November 22, the fifth firmware update enables GR DIGITAL users to utilize some of the same new functions (four functions) that are included on the new model. This is the final function-enhancing firmware update for GR DIGITAL.

Enhanced functions

(1) In addition to traditional black-and-white, expressive new monochrome settings have been added
It is possible to select colors from sepia, red, green, blue, and purple.
(Sepia was added in the fourth function enhancement.)
Color depth, contrast, and sharpness settings can be specified in five levels.  
(2) Information display mode (external viewfinder mode)
When using the synchro-monitor mode, which turns off the LCD monitor display, it is possible to display only information such as aperture and shutter speed.
(Synchro-monitor mode was added in the first function enhancement.)
This mode is convenient to use when utilizing an external viewfinder.  
(3) Flash strength adjustment
Flash strength can be adjusted in 1/3 EV units from +2.0 EV to -2.0 EV.  
(4) Teleconversion lens operation
The GT-1 teleconversion lens (upcoming product) will be possible to attach to the GR DIGITAL. This enhancement adds a function for recognizing that the teleconversion lens has been mounted, modifies the focal distance information recorded in the EXIF file, and optimizes focus control.

Additional information: Ricoh firmware download pages (not yet updated)!
October 30, 2007
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