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The Ricoh Caplio 300G 3.2 Mp, 3x zoom and water-resistant

The Ricoh Caplio 300G 3.2 Mp, 3x zoom and water-resistant - digital camera and photography news


Düsseldorf, 19. August 2003

Announcing the Release of the Caplio 300G into European Market

3.24-megapixel, 3x zoom water-resistant digital camera with superb shutter response and continuous operation – Perfect for use outdoors!
Ricoh will launch the Caplio 300G digital camera into European market from October 2003. The new Caplio features a water and dust-resistant design, sturdy body, fast shutter response, long battery life, and more, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

The Caplio 300G is designed for durability and geared toward a wide range of outdoor applications. It affords users JIS protection grade 7-equivalent water resistance and JIS protection grade-6 dust resistance, which make it possible to take pictures in the rain or in sandy or dusty environments. It is even possible to wash the camera with water! (The Caplio 300G can take photos underwater, at a depth of one meter or less, for up to 30 minutes.)

The Caplio 300G also shares the advanced features that made the Caplio RR30 (which was released into market last year) so popular, including a mere 0.22-second shutter-response time lag1 and long battery life.

Major Features of the Caplio 300G
1. Built to Stand up to Outdoor Use
Water- and dust-resistant, durable, portable, and easy to operate

Use of a reinforced glass dust protector in front of the lens, and rubber packing on opening parts and buttons provides JIS protection grade 7-equivalent water resistance and JIS protection grade-6 dust resistance. The camera can be washed with water and used in the rain, and is capable of photography in highly dusty or sandy environments.

Protection on each side and in key locations provides superb durability.

The camera uses a sturdy, two-piece strap for hanging the compact, lightweight body around your neck when walking about.

The large shutter button and switches make the camera easy to use even when wearing gloves.

2. Ultra-fast Shutter Response
Don't let that perfect shot get away

Superb response: just 0.22 seconds between the time the shutter release is pressed until exposure begins.

High-speed processing: Startup takes about 2.5 seconds; the shooting interval is about 1.5 seconds, normal continuous mode about 0.3 seconds; and shot reproduction lag is about 0.5 seconds (assuming an image size of 1280x960, taken in normal mode).

3. Long Operating Time
Long battery life and choice of power sources keep low batteries from stealing photo opportunities

Long battery life: Use the optional high-capacity lithium ion battery to take up to about 3,500 continuous shots. Reduce the hassle of changing batteries in adverse weather conditions and the like2.

No more worries about running out of batteries at a bad time: the camera also supports easily available AA batteries (alkaline, nickel, and NiMH). Get the most out of outdoor use.

An optional AC adapter is also available for indoor use.

4. Unparalleled Performance
First water-resistant digital camera to offer 3.24 megapixels and 3x zoom

This is the first water-resistant model with a 3.34 megapixel (effective 3.24 megapixel) built-in CCD.

Combine the 3x optical zoom and 3.4x digital zoom to enable up to 10.2x zoom photography.

5. High-Sensitivity Mode
Take photos even in dimly lit locations

The built-in high-sensitivity mode provides excellent illumination, even in dimly lit areas. The Caplio 300G makes it easy to take pictures at night, indoors, and in other dim environments.

In addition to the built-in flash, an accessory shoe for an external flash is also available.

6. And More!
A full range of advanced features only Ricoh can deliver

Built-in macro mode allows you to take shots as close as 1 cm (0.4 inches). Or, use the built-in flash to take shots as close as 16 cm (6.4 inches). Take bright, beautiful pictures without overexposed shots.

It's easy to transfer your pictures to a PC – just connect your camera via a USB cable. Automatic folder creation, elimination of duplicate images, and other features make your photo collection easy to organize3.

Six scene modes are provided: Portrait, Sports, Landscape, Nightscape, Text, and High sensitivity.

A wide range of continuous shooting modes are available, including M-continuous (Memory Continuous), which can record continuously while the shutter release button is held, then save the two seconds immediately preceding the release of the shutter release into a single file divided into 16 frames; S-continuous (Stream Continuous), which records the two seconds after the shutter release is pressed into 16 frames; and ordinary continuous mode, which takes one shot every 0.3 seconds. These features are very handy for capturing continuous motion, including logging the progress of an experiment.

1 Measured as the delay from the time the shutter release is pressed until the exposure starts.
2 The following guidelines are recommended for optimal use of the DB-43 rechargeable battery:
  image size: 640x480; flash: off; zoom: not in use; and monitor display: off.
3 In Windows XP, a Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) driver is used instead of the RICOH Gate
  L software used in other versions of Windows.

Caplio 300G Optional Accessories List
Product name Model
Rechargeable Battery DB-43
Battery Charger BJ-2
AC Adapter AC-4a
August 19, 2003
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