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Ricoh has announced tge Ricoh Caplio 400G Wide,

Ricoh Japan announces the Caplio 400G Wide, a wider follow-on to the Caplio 300G which we have seen earlier this year. The same tough body and the advanced functions make this camera suitable for  outdoor use in hard environments, the new wide (28 mm zoom) lens allows you to capture a bigger image even indoors. As with all other Ricoh cameras it is to be expected that the Caplio 400G wide will become available in the US and Europe shortly...
Ricoh Japan website (real-time translated and therefore slow)


Capture a Wider image With This High Performance, Water and Dust resistant, Digital Camera

March 2004. Following on from the success of the 300G last year, Ricoh are proud to announce the Caplio 400G Wide. This model has the same characteristic tough body of its predecessor, the Caplio 300G, and is the perfect choice for taking pictures in the rain, in sandy, or in dusty envi-ronments. The new wide 28-85mm zoom lens allows you to capture a wider image with sharp focus and not compromise on any detail – it's wider, faster, better.

Ricoh has taken digital imaging a step forward with the introduction of its wide lens technology. Zoom lenses for digital cameras generally do not compare favourably with those for conventional 35mm cameras. The main reason for this is because digital camera lenses require more peri-pheral light. Ricoh was able to overcome this handicap through a unique arrangement of eight lens elements in three groups. The first group, the most important for realising a wider lens, comprises three lenses, one of which is a concave, Meniscus aspherical lens, made of low-dispersion glass with a high refractive index. With the Caplio G4 wide and now the Caplio 400G Wide, users no longer have to make any sacrifices in zoom performance for the convenience of a digital camera.

The Caplio 400G Wide is designed for durability and geared towards a wide range of outdoor applications. It affords users JIS* Protection gra-de 7-equivalent water resistance and JIS Protection grade-6 dust resi-stance, which make it possible to take pictures in sandy or dusty envi-ronments. It is even possible to wash the camera with water! The 400G Wide can even take pictures under water at a depth of 1m or less, for up to 30 minutes. The camera is lightweight, easy to handle and has pad-ding protection on either side and around the lens to provide superb du-rability when being used outdoors.

With a very fast shutter response time of 0.14-second and a fast start up time of 1.8-second, the Caplio 400G Wide is ready to take pictures quickly to take advantage of every photo opportunity. One of the featu-res of the Caplio range is the superb 1cm Macro facility that allows the photographer to capture even the smallest details – with the Caplio 400G Wide, the photographer also has the advantage of the tele macro function, which provides the same magnification but allows the user to move the camera 4cm away in order to prevent the shadow of the ca-mera from creeping into the shot.

Easy to use, the Caplio 400G Wide has a 3.24 megapixel and 3x zoom lens; combining the 3x optical zoom and 3.4x digital zoom to gives up to 10.2x zoom photography. The Caplio 400G Wide has all the features that a photographer needs to be able to take exact quality images in any environment.

* Japan Industrial Standard

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Additional information: Ricoh Japan website (real-time translated and therefore slow)
December 17, 2003
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