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Is the Polaroid X530 now really going to be available?

At PMA 2004, Polaroid US announced the X530 digital camera, featuring the revolutionary Foveon X3 direct image sensor. The original schedule to ship the X530 in June 2004 was delayed several times and the first shipments in March of this year were withdrawn because of image quality problems. The new schedule for August 2005 quietly passed and we began to wonder if we would ever see the X530. Polaroid-digital, on their website, states that the X530 is now available for sale in the US and some European countries...
The Polaroid X530 at the website

More information and specifications you will find in the Polaroid X530 User Guide (PDF format 8.4 MB)

If the Polaroid X530 really is going to be available this time (and will be here to stay), you might find this digital camera through these Internet shops:

The Polaroid X530 at

Additional information: The Polaroid X530 at the website
November 7, 2005
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