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Polaroid launches new Media Backup - Photo Edition device

Polaroid has announced the CGA-02540 Media Backup Photo Edition. The new device is a one step solution for protecting all your digital photos. Simply plug the media backup device into your computer's USB port and let the media backup do the rest. The media backup device automatically searches, copies and stores your digital photos! No need to download software or hook up lots of cables, it's all automatic! The unit features a 40G hard drive which stores up to 40,000 digital photos. The launch is scheduled for the first quarter...


Polaroid launches new Media Backup - Photo Edition device - digital camera and photography newsClickFree Device Allows Fast, Easy Photo File Backup Without Hassle

Polaroid, a leader in fun, family-centric consumer electronics, announced today it will launch its new media backup device at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The device enables consumers to back up photos from their personal computer by simply plugging the device into the computer's USB port. It instantly searches the computer for all digital images and copies them over to the device without having to install or configure any software or even clicking a mouse, an industry first. The device will be on display in the Polaroid booth at CES from January 8-11, 2007.

Using ClickFreeâ„¢ technology (patent pending), Polaroid's media backup ensures a secure and easy process that eliminates the frustration of digital photo backup, making it ideal for all end users including those with little computer knowledge.

"Photo backup is not being performed by many consumers mainly due to apprehension or frustration of using existing external backup devices," says Jon Pollock, Vice President and General Manager of Product Planning and New Technology at Polaroid. "This is truly a groundbreaking product and user experience. It is so simple to use that we know consumers will finally be backing up photos on a regular basis."

Product launch is scheduled for the first quarter of 2007. The device contains a 2.5" hard drive that will hold up to 40,000 photos. In addition to backing up photos, the device has several convenient features such as online sharing and printing of photos via Internet-based services.
January 13, 2007
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