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Philips offers convenient, high-quality digital image viewing on TV with new Digital Photo products

Philips offers convenient, high-quality digital image viewing on TV with new Digital Photo products - digital camera and photography news


With the explosive growth of digital cameras, Philips is meeting consumers' wishes for a convenient, TV-based viewing solution with two new digital photo products: the DVD760 video player and the MX5700D Home Theater in a Box. These products make it easy for consumers to sit back on the couch to view and share digital photos at high quality on the large screens of their TV sets, eliminating the need to use a PC.

Thanks to the use of a PCMCIA adapter, the Media Slot accepts multiple memory card types, giving consumers almost unlimited compatibility, with the ability to handle the memory cards from almost all different digital cameras. Other types of digital image players are limited to a single memory card type, which means they can only play back the pictures from a specific type of digital camera.

New DVD-Video Player DVD760 - Digital Photo Manager with built-in Compass UI interface

What makes the DVD760 an outstanding digital image player is its built-in Compass UI graphical user interface. This makes it exceptionally easy to navigate through collections of digital photos on Picture CDs, DVD discs or memory cards using the standard navigation buttons on the DVD remote control unit.

Next to its built-in Media Slot that accepts different memory types of cards, the DVD760 is a full-featured Philips DVD-Video player that can also play the CD-based disc formats including Audio CD, Video CD, MP3-CD and Picture CD (JPEG) discs. It has a Component Video output for high-quality connection to consumers' TV sets as well as digital coaxial and optical outputs for pure connection of audio signals to digital home cinema receivers and audio systems.

Ensuring sound quality to match the superb digital picture reproduction, the DVDR760 has an advanced 96-kHz/24 bit audio DAC plus 3D sound processing to create a realistic surround sound experience without the need for additional rear speakers. And of course it offers full 5.1 multichannel sound output from prerecorded DVD-Video discs through the digital output.

And where other players show only the cryptic filenames associated with individual stored images, the DVDR760's Compass UI interface actually displays thumbnail pictures that allow instant, clear visual recognition of a photo, which can then be selected for full-screen viewing simply by clicking on it with the remote control.

Editing features enhance the photo viewing experience
But the DVD760 doesn't stop at convenient, high-quality photo viewing on the TV screen. It even allows editing of photos to allow consumers to enhance their photo viewing experience. The available functions include Rotate, Flip and Zoom, colour adjustment using the RGB Tint Control and applying a range of filters to create special effects; for example negative, black & white, colour negative, soften and more. All these functions are easily selectable with the Compass UI user interface and the remote control unit. Once photos have been edited they can also be stored by writing them back onto a memory card, so that they can retrieve and viewed again later. It's even possible to create slide shows of favourite photos, with freely selectable photo sequence and timing control, making it even easier for consumers to sit back and enjoy the precious moments captured in their digital images together with family and friends.
New Home Theater 5700D Digital Photo Viewer - digital camera and photography news

New Home Theater 5700D Digital Photo Viewer

Philips is also introducing another new product for convenient TV-based viewing of consumers' digital photos: the Home Theater 5700D Digital Photo Viewer has the same Media Slot system that accepts multiple memory card types from different digital cameras. This viewer is supplied complete with an extensive home cinema speaker system comprising a Cinema Center SpeakerTM with multidirectional speaker drivers plus 4 full-range 3-way satellite speakers for all-round surround sound reproduction.

This viewer offers the same clear visual image recognition with an on-screen thumbnail display instead of the cryptic filenames, which are usually found, after which any desired photo can be selected simply by clicking on it. The joystick remote control makes image selection even easier, and also allows easy adjustment of sound reproduction to match the user's seating position.

The new Philips MX5700D Digital Photo Viewer will available in most markets in Europe from Spring 2003 onwards, and the DVD760 Digital Photo Manager will be available from Summer 2003.
January 29, 2003
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