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PhotoViewer joint venture between Philips and Epson

Philips and Epson have entered into a partnership and have developed a product that brings together digital photography and home entertainment. With the Philips PhotoViewer you can view photos in 1080i high-definition television. Photos can be loaded from a memory card, USB devices such as sticks and fixed disks. You print the photos that appear on the television with a press of a button. The Epson PictureMate PM240 Printer prints directly, it's as simple as that. The new PhotoViewer will be available in December for 179 Euro...


Philips Digital photo productsShare and retrieve your memories with the PhotoViewer; simple viewing and printing digital photos in high-definition in your living room

Philips and Epson have entered into a partnership and have developed a new product for home entertainment and digital photography. The PhotoViewer brings the old-fashioned fun of watching slides back into family life, but with a modern touch. While you stretch on the bench, you can use the PhotoViewer to view photos on a large television and print them directly using an Epson printer. You print any photo that appears in high-definition on the television with a press of a button. The connected Epson PictureMate PM240 Printer prints directly image, it's as simple as that.

Fun With photos

Looking at photos at the LCD monitor of your digital camera, or gathering around a small computer screen can be difficult or inconvenient, and does detract from the pleasure of watching pictures. With the PhotoViewer you create a relaxed environment and you can comfortable gather around large HD (ready) screen tot enjoy your pictures. The device is easy to install and can be directly connected to the television with the included audio / video cables. Through the onscreen menu, to navigate with the remote control, you have direct access to viewing functions such as zoom in and out, rotate and pause. The Epson printer is easy to connect with a standard USB cable and can be operated without a PC or software.

Easy to use

With the PhotoViewer photos can be viewed in full 1080i high-definition television. Photos can not only be loaded from a memory card, digital camera, mobile phone or PDA, but USB devices for mass and fixed disks can be connected to the PhotoViewer too. After slipping in the memory card or connecting a USB device, the slideshow immediately appears on the big screen. The remote control allows you to browse your photo collections and select your favorite photos. To increase the pleasure it is also possible to play MP3's during the show.

Technology and consumer focus together

Philips and Epson develop innovative products that bring together consumer focus and technology. The partnership has resulted in a product that bundles Epson's expertise in the field of printing photos and Philips' consumer focus. The PhotoViewer thus combines the best of two companies to offer in a single product.

Oscar van der Linden, Business Development Manager Photo at Epson Europe says, "The slideshow has been brought to the 21st century. The big screen is the perfect medium to retrieve and share memories with friends and family. But the modern slideshow goes a step beyond its traditional, film-based predecessor. When images are printed with the Epson Photo Printer, they can be immediately shared.
"The PhotoViewer brings digital photo fun to the living room. And in full high-definition: you see it, you feel like you print it off immediately. It is a fun and easy way to view photos, share and print."

Epson and Philips PhotoViewer beam, main features:

• photos in high-definition television viewing

• Compatible with all major memory cards used in digital cameras, mobile phones and PDAs; also works with both USB memory sticks and hard drives

• Photo browsing and view digital slideshows; no computer required

• Photo printing, for example with the connected Epson PictureMate PM240 photo or other Epson stand-alone appliances from 2008 onwards

• Supports JPEG and MP3 (music)

• Supports NTSC / PAL video output

• SD-and HD-quality up to 720p/1080i

• Can directly be connected with standard video cable to the television

• Includes a remote control with button

• ListPrice bundle inc VAT € 179 - Available from December 2007

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November 23, 2007
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