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Pentax releases of firmware update version 1.30 for K10D

Pentax releases firmware update version 1.30 for the K10D digital SLR camera.

With this latest firmware version the support for Pentax DA lenses with a built-in Supersonic Drive Motor (so called SDM lenses) has been implemeted.

Support for the Pentax SDM lenses has recently also been introduced with the announcement of Pentax's latest digital SLR camera, the K100D Super...
Visit the Pentax K10D firmware download pageIn case you missed or did not apply the previous Pentax K10D firmware updates, you will get these improvements too:

[ V1.20 ]
- Compatibility with PENTAX REMOTE Assistant 3
[ V1.11 ]
- Correspond to development in the RAW data camera when multiple exposing.
- When built-in flash is used the luminescence control by the trailing-shutter-curtain sync was corrected.  

[ V1.10 ]
- Wireless control of external flash through built-in flash.
- Instantly return to centre AF point by one push of button in AF select mode.
- Possible to change ISO setting by dial at TV/AV mode.
- ISO setting change by dial while the ISO setting is being displayed on the LCD
  by pushing OK button.
- Green button function in M mode is available at TAv mode (Hyper manual).
- AV and TV switch by dial at P mode.
- Instant return to the default value by green button at strobe light compensation.
- In rare case, vertical stripe at long time exposure.
- Released “B exposure” and show battery empty sign when using B mode.

Additional information: Visit the Pentax K10D firmware download page
July 5, 2007
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