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The Panasonic SV-AV30 multimedia box: still image camera, video camera and MP3-player

Panasonic Japan launches the follow-on to the SV-AV10, the SV-AV30. As its predecessor, this versatile multimedia kit can function as a still image camera and video camera while enjoying your favored music at the same time. The main characteristics of the SV-A30 are: still images at 640x480 pixels, video images at 320x240 or 176x144 pixels at 15 frames per second. The SV-AV30 will be available in Japan early December.
Product introduction (Panasonic Japan)


System translated version of the press release from Panasonic Japan

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is the 2nd cartridge SD multi-camera "WiLL D-snap" which can enjoy easily an "animation", a "still picture", "music", etc. as participation goods of a cross-industrial joint marketing project "WiLL" using SD memory card. SV-AV30 is put on the market from December 2.
Our company put No. 1 of SD multi-camera, and SV-AV10 on the market in January, this year. Popularity was acquired as a cellular phone and a product which can enjoy an image and music to multi with the compact of equivalent size mostly. On the other hand, there was a request of "I want to photo and reproduce an animation finely more", "wanting to set TV videotape recording simply", etc.
It adds to a function conventionally and this product is 15 frames about the number of frames for 1 more second. * It was alike, and increased and photography and reproduction of a smooth "animation" are realized. Moreover, it is attached in AV input-and-output terminal and "AV clay dollar" with a charge function. In addition, the legible liquid crystal display monitor of a viewer style is carried.

Our company proposes focusing on a WiLL project target layer as a product which extends the communication which used SD memory card which can enjoy an image and music easily daily with this product.
Furthermore, the collaboration as WiLL is developed through the new network information service "G-BOOK" terminal carried in the new model of sale towards October the end of Toyota Motor Corp. which is taking part in the WiLL project, and SD memory card.

[The background of development]

Our company will be SD multi-camera in January, this year. SV-AV10 was put on the market and the concept which can enjoy "animation" - "a still picture" and "music" easily using SD memory card has been proposed. This product was developed aiming at pleasure of the image and music which used SD memory card, and the spread of communication practical use in response to the improvement request of the simplicity of the functional rise to the animation photography from a visitor, and connection with an AV equipment, the refinement nature of a design, etc.

[特 length ]

1. : to photograph -- double REC button loading which can do 縦撮り and horizontal 撮り at the time of an animation and still picture photography
In addition to a fine Normal economy, the quality-of-image mode of an "MPEG4 animation" carries newly the "super fine mode" which can be enjoyed more by high definition. Picture size can record the smooth animation of a motion on videotape by 15 frames (conventional ratio about 2.5 times) in 320x240 pixels and 1 second. The continuation photography for 30 minutes per hour [ about ] is possible with an attached battery. Moreover, two videotape recording / stop buttons are carried, and they are horizontal 撮り and 縦撮り. ※2 It becomes easy to use の両 photography.
※2  縦撮り: On monitor television, it becomes sideways reproduction. The rotation function of attached software "SD-MovieStage Ver.2.0" can be used.  

2. 録る : AV Input-and-Output Terminal, Attachment with Charge Function "AV Clay Dollar"
It was attached in "AV clay dollar" with AV input-and-output terminal. While setting this machine and being able to perform battery charge simply, it can connect with television or other analog visual equipments easily, and the "animation" photoed and recorded on videotape, a "still picture", etc. can be enjoyed by TV etc.
- Also carry the automatic videotape-recording function which detects the input of a picture signal and starts videotape recording.
- The image containing the signal (copy guard) of protection of copyrights is not recorded normally.

3. : to see -- legible new viewer style & speaker built-in
The liquid crystal part carried the TFT liquid crystal of 200,000 pixels of 2 models, and liquid crystal made form the legible new viewer style. Moreover, by building a speaker in this machine, even if he has no stereo inside phon, he can be enjoyed.

4. : to hear -- convenient for music reproduction -- it is stereo-inside-phon[ with remote control ]-attached
This machine can play and enjoy the music recorded on SD memory card by MPEG 2-AAC and MP3. ※3 being attached in a stereo inside phon with remote control convenient for music reproduction -- reproduction, search, and a rapid traverse -- it already returns and the tone quality change (equalizer function) etc. is improving the operativity as an SD audio player Continuation reproduction of about 3 hours can be enjoyed with an attached battery pack. Moreover, this remote control can be used not only at music reproduction but at the time of reproduction and videotape recording of an animation, a still picture, or a voice, and recording.
※3  Optional SD audio recording software "SD-Jukebox Ver.3.0" (SH-SS10) is required to enjoy music reproduction.  

5. "Still picture record" function
Record can perform "still picture record" in the picture size of 640x480 pixels of VGA like the conventional model. Selection of fine one / Normal / economy can do quality-of-image mode. Moreover, a flash is carried and it is convenient also for the still picture photography in a dark place.

6. "Voice recording" function
The voice function which can record audio is also carried in SD memory card. It can be used instead of the recording and the memorandum of a meeting like IC recorder.

7. Protection-of-Copyrights Functional Correspondence USB Terminal Loading
This machine carries a protection-of-copyrights functional correspondence USB terminal. Simple edit of the MPEG4 animation photoed by the attached USB cable using the data transmission to a personal computer or attached software "SD-MovieStage Ver.2.0" with perusal of a still picture or an animation, and the rotation function and this machine of the animation which 縦撮り(ed) is possible. Furthermore, if optional SD audio PC recording software (SH-SS10) is used, the musical piece of MPEG 2-AAC with the still picture of liking recorded by "SD-Jukebox Ver.3.0" and MP3 will be checked out from a personal computer. * が is possible.
* [Where copyright is protected, write out data to a card] out.

8. Digital 2 Double Zoom Function (at Time of MPEG4 Animation and Still Picture Photography)
9. Backlight Compensation Function

AV clay dollar, a battery pack (1,000mAh), AC adapter, SD memory card (8MB), an image / voice code (2), a hand strap, a stereo inside phon, remote control, a carrying case, CD-ROM (a USB driver / SD-MovieStage Ver.2.0), USB cable

- MPEG4 animation record time

Additional information: Product introduction (Panasonic Japan)
October 16, 2002
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