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LUMIX Digital Camera DMC-FZ1: The Pinnacle of Expressiveness

LUMIX Digital Camera DMC-FZ1: The Pinnacle of Expressiveness - digital camera and photography news


Panasonic, a leader in digital technology, set out to create a new breed of digital camera that would combine the ease and convenience of digital utility with the expressiveness of film photography. To develop a digital camera that could render images with more warmth, subtlety and richness than any other, Panasonic sought a partnership with the definitive photographic lens expert – Leica Camera AG, the world leader in camera and lens technology. It is through this partnership that Panasonic created the LUMIX digital camera, the perfect blend of optical and digital technologies. Incorporating precision-crafted Leica DC lenses, the LUMIX digital cameras “see” beyond the surface, capturing the elusive nuances of shadows and light. Combining the latest advances in optical and digital technologies, the LUMIX cameras open the door to a new level of creativity.

Digital Camera with Super 12X Optical Zoom
Panasonic is expanding the popular LUMIX lineup of digital still cameras with the introduction of the DMC-FZ1, featuring a super-zoom function. To bring the DMC-FZ1 excitingly close to the realm of professional cameras, Panasonic has equipped it with a 12x super optical zoom (equivalent to a 35-420mm zoom lens on a 35mm film camera) and F2.8 brightness throughout the entire zoom range. Both of these features were previously available only in high-end cameras. This gives users everything they need to capture truly professional-looking close-ups with dynamic angle variations for warm, lifelike renditions of their subject. The DMC-FZ1's Mega Optical Image Stabilizer (O.I.S.) also prevents jitter, which is often a problem when zooming to a distant subject. In the compact DMC-FZ1, Panasonic has achieved a level of performance that rivals many top-of-the-line single-lens reflex cameras by combining its digital technologies with renowned Leica optical technologies.

The DMC-FZ1 offers highly responsive operation, with a reduced start-up time, a shorter time lag between when the shutter button is pressed and the image is captured, and a reduced shutter interval time.“ Mega Burst Consecutive Shooting “also enables rapid, consecutive shots. The DMC-FZ1's Scene Mode Dial makes it easy to select the best mode according to shooting conditions. For example, Night Portrait mode provides the optimal exposure setting for photographing people against a nighttime background. These user-friendly features expand the fun of shooting pictures.

The DMC-FZ1 is targeted at entry-level users of single-lens reflex cameras and families who want to shoot pictures outdoors. By offering features and functions generally found on cameras one class above, the DMC-FZ1 gives people an easy way to get in on the fun of capturing beautiful digital pictures.

1. Compact unit with 12x Mega Optical Zoom and F2.8 brightness across the entire range

The DMC-FZ1 features the enhanced performance of the second-generation DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens, which inherits Leica AG's optical excellence. The 12x zoom lens system, which comprises 13 elements in eight groups, including four aspherical surfaces in three lenses (including one lens with dual aspherical surfaces), achieves a brightness of F2.8 across the entire zoom range. This advanced lens system helps achieve a compact size not possible with conventional camera systems. Equivalent to 35 to 420mm on a 35mm camera, the 12x optical zoom brings distant subjects up close. With the DMC-FZ1, it's easy to capture beautiful distant shots, such as the expression of a child playing soccer.

2. Mega Optical Image Stabilizer (O.I.S.) suppresses jitter when zooming
Panasonic insisted on providing the Mega Optical Image Stabilizer for the 12x optical zoom because zooming in on distant shots tends to increase the effects of hand shake. Incorporating digital technologies that Panasonic developed for its video movie cameras, the DMC-FZ1's Mega O.I.S. helps suppress jitter. It even works to minimize the slight shake caused when the user presses the shutter button, helping ensure clear, sharp images. The Mega O.I.S. also helps when the user wants to give a photograph extra expression, such as when shooting night scenes without a flash, using a slow shutter speed to emphasize the flowing motion of a moving subject, or using the new Pan Shooting function to apply this motion emphasizing effect.

3. Newly developed digital signal processor
Advanced Panasonic digital technologies also enabled the development of image processing circuitry that enhances image quality and boosts processing speed, while improving the diagonal resolution by about 50% and producing smoother edges. Fast processing allows subsequent shots to be taken immediately, without having to wait for the image data to be written to the memory card.

4. MEGA BURST consecutive shooting
The DMC-FZ1's MEGA BURST consecutive shooting function captures up to seven full-size images at a lightning-fast four frames per second. This allows the user to snap off a series of consecutive shots when a photo opportunity arises, then select the best ones and delete the rest. Unlike conventional cameras, no film is wasted. Quick consecutive shooting is particularly helpful when shooting a moving object.

5. Beautiful shots every time, with the easy-to-use Mode dial
With the Mode dial it's easy to select any of the nine mode settings, consisting of Macro, Sports, Pan Shooting, Night Portrait, and Portrait scene modes, and Normal, Movie, Playback, and Simple Mode. These modes automatically choose the settings that provide optimal results for particular shooting conditions. Pan Shooting mode captures the subject in crisp focus while the background flows past, making it easy, for example, to get clear shots of race cars or athletes in action. Simple Mode has a minimal number of menu items, making it easy for beginners to select the best setting. For example, in Simple Mode you can select the most appropriate setting for e-mail, A4-size prints, or other applications without knowing the pixel count.

6. Other features that expand picture-shooting fun
* Records QuickTime moving pictures with audio
* Color Effect function lets you adjust color tones to suit
personal preferences (Warm, Cool, B/W)
* Bright 1.5" 114,000-pixel color LCD
* Pre Focus function locks the focal distance during shooting.
September 25, 2002
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