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Panasonic introduces two new compact Lumix cameras

Panasonic introduces the Lumix DMC-FX55 and FX33. The two models incorporate Panasonic's Intelligent Image Stabilization technologies, and offer Intelligent Auto Mode. The models combine 8.1-megapixels with a 28mm wide-angle Leica lens with 3.6x optical zoom, 27 MB of built-in memory, and SD card support. The FX55 has a 3" LCD and will be available in silver, black and pink. The FX33 comes with a 2.5" LCD and will come in silver, black, blue and brown. Availability is September for price of $349.95 and $299.95 resp....


All about the new Panasonic DMC-FX55Stylish DMC-FX55 and DMC-FX33 Boast User-Friendly Features,  such as Face Detection and Intelligent Scene Selector

Panasonic today introduced the newest additions to its FX-series of compact digital cameras, the LUMIX DMC-FX55 and DMC-FX33. Like the entire 2007 LUMIX line, the two new models incorporate Panasonic's revolutionary Intelligent Image Stabilization technologies, and are the first Panasonic cameras, along with the newly introduced DMC-FZ18, to offer Intelligent Auto Mode, a system which combines Mega Optical Image Stabilization (O.I.S) and Intelligent ISO Control with three new features: Face Detection System, Intelligent Scene Selector and Continuous Auto Focus.  Both models combine 8.1-megapixels with a 28mm wide-angle LEICA DC lens with 3.6x optical zoom.

The new Intelligent Auto Mode available on both the DMC-FX55 and DMC-FX33, include:

Intelligent Scene Selector, which automatically selects the appropriate scene mode from the most frequently-used modes such as Portrait, Scenery, Macro, Night Scenery and Night Portrait; Face Detection System, which helps the camera to focus, set auto exposure and detects up to 15 human faces, capturing them clearly and brightly; and Continuous Auto-focus, which allows the camera to maintain focus on the subject without having to press the shutter button halfway and allowing for best results of a photo opportunity by minimizing the auto-focus time.

“With our Intelligent Auto Modes, the DMC-FX55 and DMC-FX33 are the perfect combination of performance and style, giving consumers a user-friendly digital camera in a sleek and compact body that makes it easy to carry,” said Alex Fried, National Marketing Manager, Imaging, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company.  “Also featuring a 28-mm wide-angle LEICA DC lens and MEGA OIS, these cameras allow the on-the-go consumer to capture high-quality images with incredible features and convenience.”

Intelligent Image Stabilization, a feature across the entire 2007 LUMIX digital camera line, comprises two features – MEGA O.I.S. which helps compensate for the effects of hand-shake; and Intelligent ISO Control, which takes into account the photo subject is moving and adjusts the ISO setting. Combining these two anti-blur features helps allow the DMC-FX33 and DMC-FX55 to photograph clear, crisp images.

In addition, the DMC-FX55 and DMC-FX33 feature the Venus Engine III, which supports a new High Sensitivity mode that allows images to be shot at a setting of up to ISO 6400.  This is sensitive enough to capture subjects in low-light conditions without the need for a flash.  Also, the high-speed Burst Shooting mode enables up to seven shots to be taken per second.

Other advanced features include:

• The DMC-FX55 has a 3-inch LCD screen and the DMC-FX33 comes with a 2.5-inch LCD screen.
• 27 MB of built-in memory, perfect for backing up SDHC/SD Memory Card recording.*
• The new Title Edit function allows the inputting of text to provide additional context to images.  
• Additional functions for adding information to photos include the Text Stamp function and the Travel Date function.
• Category Playback sorts images into categories, such as portraits, events, baby, etc. to allow for easy playback and creation of slideshows.
• Clipboard function allows the user to hold and retrieve certain images that may be useful on a trip, such as a photo of a map or train schedule.
• The DMC-FX33 is compatible with a marine case for underwater shooting.

The DMC-FX55 will be available in silver, black and pink, while the DMC-FX33 will come in silver, black, blue and brown. Both cameras will be available in September 2007.  The DMC-FX55 for an MSRP of $349.95 and the DMC-FX33 for an MSRP of $299.95.

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July 24, 2007
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