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Pacific Image launches valued priced Primefilm 3650u scanner

At CES Pacific Image has announced the PrimeFilm 3650u, an upgrade to the 3600 model, with USB 2.0 support, a LED source, versus a Cold Cathode Florescent Light, and Digital ICE3 support.
Even more interesting, certainly when you have stored your film treasures in slide format, is the Powerslide model 3600 and 3650. Both models support 35mm slides and connect trough USB or Firewire. The more compact 3650 supports negatives or roll film too and uses a Dispersion LED instead of a CCFL...


Pacific Image PowerSlide 3600 specificationsTorrance, CA, January 4, 2005…..Pacific Image Electronics Inc. announces the PrimeFilm 3650u, a value-priced film scanner with high optical resolution and Digital ICE3™.

This new film scanner is a high resolution upgrade to the company's basic model, and is designed for the hobbyist or photography enthusiast who is looking for image enhancement features and easy handling of large image files.

The inclusion of Digital ICE3TM by ASF (Kodak Austin Development Center) allows the user to digitally clean, correct and restore film images to optimize the image quality.

The PF3650u operates at 3600dpi optical resolution, which produces a digital image of approximately 17.9 million pixels (3,456 X 5,184). An LED light source is used, versus a CCFL (cold cathode florescent light) to assure consistent and exact color conformity in scans. With a 3.2 dynamic range, 48-bit color capability and 3600 X 3600 dpi optical resolution, the PF3650u is capable of producing a high quality scanned image of up to 10" x 14".

The unit, which is lightweight (2.2 pounds) and measures just 2 3/4 X 6 5/8 X 11 inches, connects via the USB port to any Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Power Mac G3 or later system.

The PF3650u is equipped with a USB 2.0 interface and back-end support for USB 1.1, the system used for both PC and Macintosh. The USB 2.0 interface allows data transfer as fast as 480MB per second, which is comparable to transfer speeds using an IEEE1394 interface.

PF3650u Includes Newly-Expanded Proprietary User Interface
Pacific Image's newly-expanded version of its proprietary user interface, Cyberview, is included with the PF3650u. The new version, CyberviewX, now includes one of the industry's largest film color management profiles with 17 negative film terms, 13 positive color profiles and 10 B/W profiles to accommodate nearly any popular film brand or type in use today. Users are also provided the ability to update or add to film terms from the company's Web site at

World Class Image Editing Software Bundled with PF3650u
The PF3650u comes bundled with the world class image editing tool, Photoshop Elements, which allows the user to produce high-quality images for print or for Internet or Web site design use. It is also compatible with other popular TWAIN-compliant image editors.

Set-up is a snap, with easy-to-install scanning software and drivers.

The PF3650u launches at an MSRP of $299.00.

Additional information: Pacific Image PowerSlide 3600 specifications
January 10, 2005
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