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The PMA monthly printing and camera trends reports

Each month PMA publishes a report on the trends in digital cameras and printing. Their last report gives some interesting insight on how we print the precious moments captured with our digital camera. Some 40% of the prints are made on the computer's or photo printer at home, a further 1.5% at the workplace. The remaining prints are created at the retail channel; 13.9% are made on a kiosk; 24.4% are sent from a kiosk to a minilab. 9.3% are ordered online and picked up, and 11.5% are ordered online and mailed back...
Read the complete PMA print trends report (pdf)It will be clear that the photo printing business will be booming over the years to come and many digital camera and other manufacturers have shifted their focus to this interesting market. Paper, toner and cartridges will generate a continuous revenue flow.

As with Gillette razors the real money is not in the holders but in the razor blades...

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Additional information: Read the complete PMA print trends report (pdf)
April 8, 2007
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