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Olympus Japan introduces the CAMEDIA X-1 and X-2

Olympus Japan introduces the CAMEDIA X-1 and X-2 - digital camera and photography news


(System translated version from Japanese)

Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. (president : Kikugawa) is newly developed record media ". xD-Picture Card TM The digital camera of the 4.3 mega pixel which corresponded to " (xD PIKUCHA card) and realized the highest quality of image in a micro body "CAMEDIA (KYAMEDIA) The digital camera of X-1" and a 5.0 mega pixel "CAMEDIA (KYAMEDIA) X-2" is put on the market one by one from the beginning of November, 2002.

"CAMEDIA X-1" and "CAMEDIA X-2" are the "ultra compact digital cameras" which realized simultaneously the "miniaturization of a body" with "the super-high definition" of a 4.3 mega pixel and a 5.0 mega pixel, and the newly developed small lens, respectively. By adoption of a micro record media "xD PIKUCHA card" and a micro exclusive lithium ion charge pond, the miniaturization of a body is pursued further.

In the body design, the metal design which gave special processing was adopted as the surface, and the beauty and the high-class feeling of a metal no one but were pulled out to the maximum extent. Moreover, the miniaturization was realized without losing the merit of the operativity which tends to fall victim by miniaturizing a main part, and the ease of using as a camera was pursued. You can be satisfied [ not only with quality of image but the users who have a prejudice in a design or textures ] of the extravagant result even adhering to details.

Furthermore, though it is a compact body, a full-scale function is carried. The beautiful photograph which anyone set by the photography scene simply can be taken by utilizing six kinds of scene programs which unite with various scenes and can perform optimal photography easily, various manual setup which also meets the request of an upper person, the my mode function in which its original photography mode can be registered, etc.

"CAMEDIA X-1" and "CAMEDIA X-2" are the "ultra compact digital cameras" of an Olympus no one but developed aiming at the one class top in quality of image, textures, and all performances.

The outline of sale

Product name  Suggested retail price (according to tax)  Sale day  
Digital camera :
"CAMEDIA X-1"  81,000 circles  End of November, 2002  
Digital camera :
"CAMEDIA X-2"  89,000 circles  Beginning of November, 2002  

The main features

The "compact body" by adoption of the newly developed small lens and "xD PIKUCHA card" and "super-high definition" of a 4.3 mega pixel / 5.0 mega pixel are realized simultaneously.
The high-quality metal design which combines design nature and the ease of using is adopted.
The full-scale photography function corresponding to all scenes is carried.
September 26, 2002
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