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The new Olympus W-10 digital voice recorder shoots images at VGA resolution


The new Olympus W-10 digital voice recorder shoots images at VGA resolution - digital camera and photography newsThe Olympus W-10 digital voice recorder is an innovative business tool that lets you record audio that's clear and crisp while also letting you visually index the recording with actual images. That's right. Record up to 3 hours of audio (in LP mode) and take a picture here and there to visually document who is speaking or what is being spoken about. Then quickly transfer those files with the Auto-Connect USB cable to your PC, where you can display them, store them, add descriptions and narration to the images, or even play them back in a slideshow via the included Voice Album Software. (The image shown is the Japanse version: Olympus W-1)

The W-10 doesn't just make it easy to record; it makes it easy to manage your audio and image files as well. With two folders devoted to your audio files, each capable of storing up to 100 messages apiece, and a dedicated folder for image files that can hold up to 250 pictures, organizing and locating those important files is simple. You can even move files between folders, or erase a single file or entire folder.

- Built in 16MB memory provides up to 3 hours of recording in Long Play Mode
- Auto-Connect USB connectivity for quick and easy downloading or uploading of files
- 0.3 Megapixel CMOS chip for visual indexing (640 x 480 resolution).
- Visual indexing allows you to display an image while playing audio related to that image
- LCD panel shows recording time remaining, sound quality, folder name, and other non-image related information (LCD cannot be used to review pictures)
- "Voice Album" Software lets you display pictures on a PC monitor;  add descriptions and narration to recorded images;  play back recorded images in a slide show
- Provides two voice folders to manage your files, with each folder capable of storing up to 100 messages
- One image folder for visual indexes, up to 250 images
- Three voice recording modes: High Quality, Standard Play, Long Play
- Stylish and compact design; silver and blue color
- Thumb-Pad navigation (jog dial)
- Recording: Wave format; Image: JPEG format
- Voice activation & Alarm function
October 13, 2002
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