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Olympus underwater cases are making a splash

At the beginning of this summer, Olympus Europe promoted underwater cases for a number of their popular cameras. They offer an outdoor case for µ-mini DIGITAL series, underwater cases for the µ DIGITAL 500 and C-7070 wide zoom and underwater cases and system accessories for the Olympus E-300. Probably because of the bad summer here in central Europe, Olympus is now re-launching the program, and of course these cases offer excellent protection against heavy rain as well
Olympus underwater cases are making a splash - digital camera and photography newsORIGINAL PRESS SUMMARY

The summer season is upon us and like every year, many holiday-makers are choosing to spend their vacation near the water. New places and interesting characters are sure to offer plenty of shooting opportunities – but wouldn't it be great to impress friends and family back home with more than just a fantastic tan and the typical beach photos. What about an underwater shot of that face-to-face encounter with a rare stingray during the diving expedition or the colourful coral seen while snorkelling? With the Olympus underwater cases this is a reality. From 3m depth to an amazing 60m*, they let adventurous photographers dive into a whole new dimension of shooting possibilities.  

Outdoor case for µ-mini DIGITAL series
The eye-catching cameras of the Olympus µ-mini DIGITAL series not only have a reputation for their unique shape, ease of use and quality but also for their ultra-compact dimensions that let them be taken anywhere. With the CWPC-01 Outdoor Case, they can even be taken under water up to a depth of 3m*. This makes them ideal for water sports activities such as surfing and snorkelling as well as other outdoor pursuits.

Underwater cases for the µ DIGITAL 500 and C-7070 WIDE ZOOM
For more challenging underwater photography requirements, the PT-026 and PT-027 offer waterproof protection of up to 40m* for the µ DIGITAL 500 and C-7070 WIDE ZOOM respectively. The cases are made of durable polycarbonate and are shipped with special weights that ensure optimal buoyancy whenever shots are taken under the sea at varying depths. All photographic functions are retained when the cameras are in the cases. And thanks to the screw mount on the PT-027, converter lenses and filters may also be attached to the C-7070 WIDE ZOOM, such as the PTWC-01 wide angle and PTMC-01 macro converter. Alternatively, the wide conversion lens WCON-07C may also be used on the C-7070 WIDE ZOOM in connection with the PPO-02. The TTL flash connector of the PT-027 allows the optional use of the FL-20 flash using the PFL-01 flash housing. With two dedicated underwater Scene Programmes, both cameras are primed for taking stunning pictures of marine life. Underwater Macro Mode automatically adjusts camera settings for shooting close up. Meanwhile, Underwater Wide Mode also intensifies the ambient blue tones in a scene to return more vivid results.

Underwater cases for the Olympus E-300 and system accessories
With the underwater case PT-E01 for the Olympus E-300 Digital SLR, photographers can now benefit from the advantages of the FourThirds System up to an amazing 60m* below the water's surface! But not just the camera, lenses can also submerge with special cases: the PPO-E01 for the ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-45mm lens, PPO-E02 for the 11-22mm / 14-54mm lenses and PPO-E-03 for the 50mm macro lens. The brand new PPO-E04 port** – an aluminium chassis with glass dome – supports the underwater use of the wide zoom and fisheye lenses. Combined with the PER-E02 extension ring and the zoom gear PPZR-E03 it will allow to use the ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 7-14mm wide zoom lens with the E-300 underwater case PT-E01. Further accessories, such as the FL-36 external flash can also be taken below for brightening up scenes deep under the water (inside the PFL-E01 case and supported by the PTBK-E01 flash bracket).

No matter what the users' requirements, Olympus offers an option to suit all photographers interested in underwater photography. Whether for snorkelling at a reef while on holidays or diving among some newly-discovered wrecks, photographers are assured great image results without putting their equipment at risk. They represent the perfect accessory to keep hold of all experiences made beneath the surface and share photos of the amazing underwater world with others.
August 19, 2005
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