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Olympus releases second SP-510UZ firmware update

Olympus releases the second firmware update for the SP-510 Ultra Zoom digital camera. The firmware update version 1.2 incorporates the following corrections and enhancements:
- The compression ratio for SQ1 high resolution (2304 x 1708) has been corrected.
- When opening images in OLYMPUS Master 1.42, the focal length will be displayed in 35mm equivalent.
The first firmware update, version 1.1,  incorporated:
- Improvement of the [LIGHTING FIX] performance.
- Added all settings to [my mode setup] menu...
Olympus SP-510UZ firmware update information pageYou can download the newest firmware – which is similar to a software update for your computer - to your camera through the Internet. The Software Olympus Master is bundled with your camera and has to be installed for this update. As well as changing to the newest version of functionality you can also download new languages to your camera menu.

If you're not familiar with the firmware upgrade process you can download the firmware update instructions as a PDF file.

Additional information: Olympus SP-510UZ firmware update information page
March 7, 2007
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