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The Olympus PPO-E04 lens port for E-System wide zoom lenses

Olympus announces the PPO-E04, an underwater lens port for use with the Zuiko Digital ED 7-14mm F4.0 lens. A super-wide angle from 110 to 70 degrees is possible, and a super-close-up focusing capability allow photography distances as close as 9cm from the lens port front to the subject. Olympus has already released lens ports for the Zuiko digital 14-45mm lens, the 11-22mm lens, the 14-54mm lens and the 50mm Macro lens...
Olympus E-300 Underwater HousingNote: It will also be possible to use just the PPO-E04 with a new fixed-focal fish-eye lens that Olympus plans to introduce.


Olympus Imaging Corporation (President: Masaharu Okubo) is pleased to announce the introduction of the “PPO-E04” Underwater Lens Port. This new accessory allows professional underwater photography using E-System wide zoom lenses. The “PPO-E04” will go on sale in July 2005.  

This underwater lens port is a genuine Olympus accessory for the “ZUIKO DIGITAL” series of “Designed for Digital” lenses. To support professional use, it is able to withstand water pressures at depths of up to 60 meters. Professional underwater photography is now possible using digital SLR cameras.

The “PPO-E04” is underwater lens port for wide zoom lenses. When combined with the “PER-E02” Underwater Extension Ring, which will go on sale at the same time, and the “PT-E01” Underwater Case (on sale in June 2005) for the “E-300” camera, it allows the “ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 7-14mm (*14-28mm) F4.0” wide zoom lens to be used underwater.

The “PPO-E04” has a super-wide angle photography from 110 to 70 degree, and a super-close-up focusing capability allowing photography distances as close as 9cm from the lens port front to the subject, and it is also possible to exaggerate the perspective effects or to create a deep depth of field.  

Olympus now offers a range of 4 underwater lens ports and 2 underwater extension rings to support professional underwater photography using its 6 “Designed for Digital” ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses.

Additional information: Olympus E-300 Underwater Housing
June 15, 2005
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