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Up to 5x zoom with latest Olympus FE series models

The latest collection of Olympus FE Series digital cameras offers you a choice of zoom ranges. The new Olympus FE-350 sports a bright, 4x wide zoom lens, the model FE-340 incorporates a 5x zoom lens as does the new model FE-310. All models feature an 8 Megapixel image sensor, movie recording with sound, Face Detection, Digital Image Stabilization, and a "One button, one function" design principle and guide function for easy operation. The new Olympus FE models arrive in stores in February...


All about the new Olympus FE-Series digital camerasCameras from the Olympus FE series are renowned for their extreme user-friendliness, great image results and attractive price. The latest collection continues this tradition and adds new highlights. From the freedom to choose and enjoy models with wide-angle performance to the power of up to 5x zoom, the new FE cameras let you see and do more. In addition, 8.0 Megapixels ensure the impeccable capture of every last detail while still leaving room to crop. And thanks to their large LCDs, shots can be easily framed and captured at a moment's whim. The new Olympus FE models arrive in stores in February.

Hard to believe that this is the entry class
Boasting remarkable power in a compact form, the Olympus FE-310, FE-340 and FE-350 put advanced features into the entry level segment. Built on the “one button, one function” design principle, all cameras in this colourful new line-up are fun and easy to use and allow intuition to be your guide. Menus are available in an incredible 38 languages, ensuring operation is a cinch no matter your native tongue.

Precision Olympus optics with extra zooming power deliver superior image quality. Furthermore, additional integrated features such as Super Macro mode for ultra-detailed shots make this attractively-priced series a great choice for great photos every time.

The Olympus FE-350
Sporting a bright, 4x wide zoom (equivalent to 28-112mm on a 35mm camera), the FE-350 gets you closer to subjects, while retaining compact flexibility and Olympus lens quality. Thanks to an extra-large 7.6cm LCD, you get the best view possible while framing or reviewing shots. What's more, an 8.0 Megapixel image sensor is packed into this model's attractive casing – which is available in silver and black – to deliver brilliant, true-to-life images in dazzling quality.

The Olympus FE-340
Take things up a notch and get closer with the FE-340. It incorporates a 5x zoom (equiv. to 36-180mm) to get you right in where you want to be. Its ultra-slim metal body also comes in four expressive colours including silver, black, blue and pink making this attractive and compact camera a charming addition to any purse or pocket. In addition, integrated Face Detection Technology delivers beautifully exposed and focused subjects every time, while 8.0 Megapixels and a large 6.9cm LCD provide detailed views of shots. A choice of 18 scene modes ensure that there will be one to suit whatever photographic situation you come into contact with.

The Olympus FE-310
Get more for your money with the FE-310. This model features a powerful 5x zoom (equiv. to 37-185mm) that takes you straight to the heart of the action. A very ample 8.0 Megapixels for detailed shots is also on board along with the possibility to record movies with sound. And thanks to a 6.4cm LCD you'll always have a convenient and reliable way to frame and view your shots no matter where you are.

The newest additions to Olympus' FE series, including the FE-310, FE-340 and FE-350, will hit the shelves in February.

Main features:

5x optical zoom (37-185mm*) for exciting close-ups
See and share images on the 6.4cm/2.5" LCD
16 scene modes for best results in different situations

5x optical zoom (36-180mm*) for exciting close ups
Super-slim all-metal body to always be at your side
See and share images on the 6.9cm/ 2.7" LCD
18 scene modes for best results in different situations
Better low-light shooting thanks to BrightCapture Technology
TruePic III image processor for faster image handling and higher image quality
Choose your favourite from 4 colours: Silver, Black, Blue or Pink

4x wide optical zoom (28-112mm*) to capture stunning close-ups
28mm* wide-angle lens for great scenic shots
See and share images on the extra-large 7.6cm/3.0" LCD
16 scene modes for best results in different situations
Valuable metal body in silver or black

Common features of the FE-310, FE-340 and FE-350
8.0 Megapixels for poster-size prints
Liven up your memories with movie recording with sound (FE-340 and FE-350 with VGA resolution at up to 30fps)
Face Detection for perfectly focused and exposed faces
Digital Image Stabilisation (FE-350 with ISO up to 800) for less blur
"One button, one function" design principle and guide function for easy operation
Great for shots of flowers and detail with Super Macro Mode
Video out to easily enjoy your images on a TV
Flexible shooting with internal memory or using xD-Picture Card
* Equivalent to a 35mm camera

Additional information: All about the new Olympus FE-Series digital cameras
January 22, 2008
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