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Olympus new FE-series digital cameras for effortless picture taking

Olympus announces 5 new digital cameras in the FE-series. The FE-115 attractively priced and boasts 5 million pixels. The FE-130 and FE-140 match good quality with easy operation and boast 5.1 and 6.0 million pixels. The FE-150 and FE-160 provide trouble-free operation without sacrificing quality. Thanks to an image resolution of 5.0 and 6.0 million pixels respectively, pictures come alive with exceptional definition and realism...


Olympus new FE-series digital cameras for effortless picture taking - digital camera and photography newsThe Olympus FE-115

The FE-115 from Olympus is not only attractively priced and easy to use but also features a compact design and delivers great image quality. Boasting 5.0 million pixels, the camera takes sharp photographs and includes a 2.8x optical zoom for added versatility. Even beginners will be familiar with the camera's functions in no time as the controls are conveniently positioned and most buttons have just a single dedicated function. In addition, the ergonomically-designed, lightweight silver body coupled with 28MB of internal memory and xD-Picture Card compatibility make the FE-115 great for long-lasting photo fun in any situation.

Thanks to 5.0 million pixels, the FE-115 produces clear and detailed images that retain their high quality – even on large-format print-outs. The 2.8x zoom lens enhances shooting flexibility due to its capability to bring far-away subjects in closer. In combination with the 4x digital zoom, the camera can even achieve an overall magnification of more than 11x. Not only far-away objects are a breeze to photograph. In Super Macro mode, images may be captured from as little as 2cm away, thereby enabling amazing close-up shots.

Controlling the camera is child's play due to a “one button, one function” design principle. With this method, the essential functions like shooting, playback and viewing on the LCD, as well as erasing, are easily activated via a single button. In addition, users can turn to the help function in the menu for direct on-screen assistance with the different scene modes.

Naturally, the camera also includes a video function, with the length of the recording only limited by the available memory. And it's even possible to print images without a PC. Thanks to PictBridge support, this model can be connected directly to compatible printers (e.g. the Olympus P-11, which prints in just 33 seconds), eliminating the need to go via a computer.

Offering great image quality and sporting a flashy silver design, the very affordable Olympus FE-115 will be available from spring 2006.

The Olympus FE-130 and FE-140

Ideally suited for budget-conscious hobby photographers who want to start shooting right away, the FE-130 and FE-140 match good quality with easy operation and a great appearance. Based on a “one button, one function” design principle, these two cameras cater perfectly to snap-shooters' desires. The exceptional ease of use in no way compromises image quality. 5.1 and 6.0 million pixels respectively ensure crisp, detailed images – and even allow for large-format prints. In addition, a 3x optical zoom lets subjects be brought in close, thereby enhancing flexibility. Easy framing of compositions and fun viewing of results is provided by the respective 5.1cm and 6.4cm LCD screens. These very affordable cameras make quality photography fun and easy while also catching the eye. With an attractively-rounded design, these amazingly compact models fit snugly in the hand and are light enough to be taken anywhere. And adding even more versatility, the optional outdoor case masters the harshest outdoor conditions and is waterproof up to 3m.  

With respective resolutions of 5.1 and 6.0 million pixels, the FE-130 and FE-140 record images in brilliant detail and have the power to produce impressively large print-outs of favourite shots. The flexibility of a precision 3x zoom lens (equivalent to 38-114mm on a 35mm camera) is at the disposal of photographers, to bring subjects far away in close. Meanwhile, the 5.1cm (FE-130) and 6.4cm (FE-140) LCDs provide for quick and easy framing and enjoyable viewing of the results.

Thanks to their “one button, one function” approach, both cameras are as convenient and uncomplicated for the user as possible. In this way the cameras' functions are quickly and directly accessed. An easy to understand GUI (graphical user interface) further supports photographers and a help function provides clear explanations of the available features so that optimal results can be achieved with minimal effort. 20 scene modes assist users in varying situations, including Sports, Sunset, and Night Scene. So, no matter if composing a portrait shot of a child or photographing a landscape, the cameras automatically adjust to the best settings. Even extreme close-up shooting is a breeze with Super Macro mode, allowing shooting from as little as 5cm.

The ultra-compact form lets photographers take these cameras along to just about anywhere – but to the water? No problem for the FE-130 and FE-140 with the optional outdoor case. Waterproof to 3m, it provides for incredible freedom during the pursuit of outdoor sports including rafting and snorkelling as well as protecting cameras against other harsh conditions.

Naturally, the FE-130 and FE-140 also feature a movie recording function with maximum shooting time only limited by memory capacity. In addition to 22MB of internal memory, an xD-Picture Card slot lets storage space be boosted to suit user requirements. The cameras are powered by two regular AA-size batteries. Each camera features a multi-language menu and includes the Olympus Master software for easy downloading, organising and editing of images.

Convincing through a perfect balance between easy shooting and image quality, the FE-130 and FE-140 let photographers take simply brilliant pictures with essentially no effort. The cameras truly offer great value for money and will be available from March 2006.

The Olympus FE-150 and FE-160

Hamburg, 26 January 2006 – Developed with a clear focus on ease of use, the FE-150 and FE-160 provide trouble-free operation without sacrificing quality. A true out-of-the-box experience, most users will be pointing and shooting within minutes to get results that will impress with their stunning vibrancy. And thanks to an image resolution of 5.0 and 6.0 million pixels respectively, pictures come alive with exceptional definition and realism. The camera's lightweight, slim metal body exudes style and is compact enough to be taken along everywhere. At 6.4cm, the large LCD makes taking photos and viewing the results both fun and easy. Most of all, beginners will really appreciate the camera controls that are virtually self-explanatory. The attractively-priced FE-150 and FE-160 are the perfect solution for all beginners to digital photography and snap-shooters alike.

Boasting 5.0 and 6.0 million pixels respectively, both the FE-150 and FE-160 deliver extraordinarily detailed pictures in any given situation. Their precision 3x and 2.8x optical zoom lenses let subjects be brought in close – with an additional 4x digital zoom boosting magnification power even further. And true to the motto “the more you see the better”, the big 6.4cm LCD with 230,000 pixels makes framing compositions a cinch and ensures viewing the results is a real joy too.

Even complete beginners will be amazed by the straightforward camera controls, with most functions being accessible via a single button. Moreover, the menu employs easy-to-understand symbols, which are supported by quick and easy explanations so that shooting in just about any situation becomes child's play. Five different scene modes including Portrait, Landscape and Night Scene are on hand to ensure the optimal camera settings are automatically selected to suit the corresponding conditions and therefore return perfect images. In addition, the Super Macro mode offers the option of extreme close-up photography from as little as just 6cm away. The capture of movies with sound is possible too, with recording right up to the limit of available memory capacity.

Naturally, the 9MB of internal memory can be simply and inexpensively upgraded via the purchase of xD-Picture Cards. The latest generation of Olympus xD-Picture Cards now offers data transfer rates 2-3 times faster than before and also lets various art and 3D functions be applied to recorded images.

Each camera includes a free version of the user-friendly Olympus Master Software. With this application, editing images on the PC is just as much fun as shooting them. Easy downloading, organising and printing are some of the software's handy functions. And to make sure shooting enjoyment lasts and lasts, both cameras now include the new, longer-lasting LI-42B rechargeable battery.

Providing quality results that are a breeze to produce, the attractively-designed and compact Olympus FE-150 and FE-160 will be available from March 2006*.
January 26, 2006
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