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An end to compromises – the revolutionary Olympus E-System

Olympus unveils a new menber in their E-Series, the 8 Mp Olympus E-300, based on the FourThirds Standard and combines full SLR performance including a variety of accessories, perfect handling and a reasonable price.

At the same time Olympus announces the AZ-2 Zoom with it's slim metal body and the C-470 Zoom, an excellent choice with incredible ease of use...
Olympus E-300 product information


The 8 million pixel Olympus E-300 digital SLR has a lean and unconventional form, as a result of replacing the penta prism by a TTL Optical Porro Finder. It combines full SLR performance, perfect handling and a reasonable price.

Based on the FourThirds Standard, this compact SLR model is compatible with the complete range of Olympus Digital SLR-System accessories, including high-precision lenses. The optices feature near telecentric construction to draw maximum performance from the camera's Full Frame Transfer CCD. It incorporates a Supersonic Wave Filter that ensures dust and other foreign particles do not interfere with the function of the CCD.

Additional information: Olympus E-300 product information
September 27, 2004
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