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Olympus brings you the stylishly unique 5-megapixel C-5000 Zoom

Olympus announces the Camedia C-5000 Zoom, a new 5 Megapixel digital camera, offering creative features, a 'photographic' design at a reasonable price. The C-5000 Zoom comes with a firm grip and intuitive layout of buttons and controls, a spacious 1.8” LCD with 134,000 pixels, and 3x optical zoom. The new Olympus Camedia C-5000 is expected to be available this autumn and will sell for a estimated price of US $499 ...


Olympus C-5000 Zoom full detailsHamburg, 29 August 2003 – Creativity knows no bounds. That is why the photographer's main tool – the camera – must not impede any impulse to compose even the most imaginative of motifs. The five megapixel CAMEDIA C-5000ZOOM is such an instrument. Whether the glistening ripples of water gently lapping on a shore at sunset or the interplay of light and shadow on a portrait shot, it lets you express your photographic ideas with confidence. With its silvery, ergonomically contoured body, the very attractively priced C-5000ZOOM also gets top marks for a distinctive design that underlines the user's artistic flair.

The provision of features that support photographer's creative impulses is central to the C-5000ZOOM concept. That's why an emphasis has been placed on enabling a high degree of manual control options. Virtually all camera settings can be adjusted. Focus, exposure, white balance and ISO to name but a few. The result: complete freedom to create a composition limited virtually only by your imagination. Photos can be captured from as close as 4 cm in Super Macro mode and extended exposure times of up to 16 seconds guarantee superb versatility.

Sure, you can also utilise the multiple automatic shooting modes to take fast snapshots and play with the 3x optical zoom to enlarge a scene, which combined with the 4x digital zoom enables even 12x magnification. But for real lovers of photography the CAMEDIA-5000ZOOM allows for the necessary individuality which makes the difference between a good and a great composition.

While a built-in flash lets you get optimal illumination for most situations of low and challenging light conditions – and offers room for experimentation with 1st and 2nd curtain slow synchronisation – the C-5000ZOOM does not set its limits there. A hot shoe connection allows external flash units to be clipped on. In this way, photographers are not only provided with the possibility to obtain greater flash power. They are also bestowed with considerably more flexibility to create a wider range of moods by using bounce flash techniques, for example. And in a camera of this price segment, this feature is almost unheard of.

Several function shooting modes such as two-in-one, panorama, B&W and sepia enhance the creative potential of the new camera model. The precision optical system is comprised of seven glass lenses which are arranged in six groups. Power supply is ensured by an ultra-small rechargeable lithium-ion battery, for which a quick-charger with a maximum recharging time of two hours is supplied with the camera.

Its many adjustable photographic features and sensational ergonomic design make the C-5000ZOOM a true object of desire for users demanding a camera that keeps up with their compulsion for creative expression. Sales of the camera are expected to commence in autumn 2003.

C-5000ZOOM – Main Features:

Creative features and a ‘photographic' design at a reasonable price

Firm grip and intuitive layout of buttons and controls
1.8” LCD with 134,000 pixels
5.0 million pixels
3x optical zoom f2.8/4.8 (equiv. 38 – 114 mm on 35 mm camera)
plus 4x digital zoom

Program, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority and Full Manual modes

6 scene programs (portrait, self-portrait, sports, night scene, landscape, landscape portrait)
Hot shoe for external flash connection
Built-in flash with multiple modes including 1st and 2nd curtain slow synchronisation
Super Macro mode for shots as close as 4 cm
Shutter speed ranges from 1/1,000 to 16 seconds
Movie recording function

Additional information: Olympus C-5000 Zoom full details
August 29, 2003
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