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The OPTE project offers you a splendid visualization of the Internet

This OPTE project, started by Barrett Lyon, has been created to make a visual representation of the Internet. The data serves many purposes: modeling the net, analyzing IP space, detecting the result of natural disasters and esthetics/art. The project represents a lot of donated time and is now very much in need of a SERVER !! ...
Click here to visit the OPTE project Website

The graph shown above (in part) is by far the most complex on the website. It is using over 5 million edges and has an estimated 50 million hop count.

The project  is in great need of a new high-end system that has a lot of ram in it. It needs to have the ability to run Linux or FreeBSD. The system needs at least 3 Gigs of ram and more than one CPU. This is a great chance for a hardware company to showcase their high performance hardware. If you would like to donate a server that can be Co-Located in Phoenix, AZ.  Please contact  Barrett Lyon

Additional information: Click here to visit the OPTE project Website
December 21, 2003
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